SeaRates Updates - Week 17, 2021

We heard you like SeaRates updates? Well, we’ve been busy with a number of updates to enhance and improve how you can make the most out of  SeaRates every day. This week’s update features squashed bugs and a number of UI updates. As always, you can find our previous updates here.

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Tracking System

This week, we have made improvements to the way we work with shipping lines including MSC, Blue Water Lines (BWL), SM Line (SML), CMA CGM, Maersk, COSCO, Fesco, and Yang Ming.

We are working on the development of a new Tracking System API, which will be available to all users soon.

Ship Schedules

This week we have added support for Admiral and Matson shipping lines.

SeaRates Ship Schedules now supports 25+ shipping lines.  

Logistics Explorer

We have added a new filter upon selecting the direction of your shipment, where you can also select the type of container used. 

In addition, you can now select the parameters of your cargo and send the link directly to the client. The client will then be able to open the link with the selected parameters pre-filled, together with direction: no need to enter it again.

New menu 

We have updated the design of the menu too. Now you can easily enter the Virtual Office.

In addition, we have updated the menu so it is optimised for mobile making it more convenient to access on more devices.

Glossary page

We have updated the page design to make it clearer and more user-friendly. You can easily find out more about the Freight, Shipping and Chartering glossary. Please take a look here for further information.

Free tools 

We are glad to support our customers with a number of free tools available on our website. The following tools are available to you with a limit on requests:

  • Logistics Explorer
  • Ship Schedules
  • Container tracking
  • Smart Documents
  • Load Calculator
  • Route Planner
  • Distances and time
  • Cargo Wizard

You can find more information about our tools here.

Updates Pending

Virtual Office

We are actively developing new functionality for the Virtual Office which will be live soon.

Our Virtual Office is a universal workspace that includes features for managing logistics or trading business.

This new feature is a part of SeaRates’ ongoing mission to improve and simplify how you work.

We invite you to join our open group for communication on international transport activities, as well as our Telegram channel for shipping innovations and industry updates - join us now!

Love from the SeaRates team

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