Services & Fees: E
Submission of Cargo Declaration - Export
A service of submitting Export Data Declaration (EDD) services to local Customs on behalf of the customer. The carrier liaises between Customs and the customer to arrange submission of necessary documents within the specified time frame. EDD is not applicable to transit cargo, transhipment cargo, or freight remaining on board (FROB), even though the carrier is still required to submit a manifest to local authorities.
Electronic Data Interchange Fee
Electronic Data Interchange Fee
Export Intermodal Fuel Fee
Equipment Interchange receipt
Equipment Interchange receipt
Equipment Management Export
Equipment Management Import
Entry Summary Declaration
From 1 January 2011, all cargo entering the European Union will require that an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) is submitted at least 24 hours prior to loading. The primary purpose is to risk assess cargo before it arrives in the EU.|
Equipment Positioning Service - Export
Equipment Positioning Service - Import
Ecological and Radiological Service
Service of arranging an ecological and/or radiological inspection based on customer request and/or regulatory requirements in some countries. This service is applicable based on the customer’s request for the service, however, in some locations it could be a mandatory charge. More Information can be found on the Local country pages for import/export regulations. Will be expired effective from 01-Jan-2016
Examination Service
A service where the carrier arranges a relevant examination of a container, e.g. VACIS/X-ray/scanner. The service is applied based on: - Customer request; - Customs/security and/or Government regulations; - The type of cargo where certain commodities are required to be examined; - Country regulations that require examination. The carrier liaises with the correct authority (e.g. US Customs) to arrange for the examinations if and when they are required and obtains costs for same.
Export Service
This service covers the provision and administration of export services such as, but not limited to, equipment release, arrangement of pick-up and drop-off, and handling notifications.