Shipping line FESCO 27

Shipping line FESCO

Unsere Gesellschaft hat für Sie gearbeitet, in der Transportindustrie seit weit über einem Jahrhundert. Die Zeit wird schnell fliegen, Technologien voran, folgen Generationen Generationen. Die Welt verändert sich, und so sind wir. Wir haben einen langen Weg von einer regionalen Reederei an die Landesmeister in Transport und Logistik, die Speerspitze der Integration der russischen Transport-System in die globale Landschaft, einen Beitrag zur Umsetzung der strategischen Ziele der Nation.

FESCO today became the country's largest private intermodal transportation group, providing a full range of logistical solutions through a combination of shipping, rail, trucking and port services offered to clients through a world-wide network of sales offices.

But there's one thing left unchanged: our values and traditions of commitment to highest standards of quality. Just like 128 years ago, we strive to constantly expand the range of our services, reduce delivery time and optimize the costs. We commit to offering modern solutions, meeting today's challenges and contributing to the competitiveness of our clients both domestically and internationally.

Hundreds of companies around the world have been using our services for decades, and remain our loyal partners thanks to FESCO's deserved reputation, high quality and reliability. In today's new economic environment we remain a stable and efficient partner for our clients. We have all the necessary facilities and experience and putting it to the best use to offer sophisticated solutions. I am confident that our fruitful cooperation not only helps all parties remain more stable in the stormy days, but creates solid foundation for the future success.