Port of Aitape (Papua New Guinea)

Port Detail
Port Authority: PNG Ports Corporation Ltd.
Address: PO Box 671
Port Moresby
Papua New Guinea
Phone: 321 1400
Fax: 321 2440
800 Number:
Latitude: -3º -7' -59'' S
Longitude: 142º 20' 60'' E
Port Type: River Port
Port Size: Very Small
Max Draft: m
General Information
First Port of Entry: No
ETA Message Required:
USA Representative:
Medical Facilities: Yes
Harbor Characteristics
Harbor Size: Very Small
Shelter: Good
Maximum Vessel Size:
Harbor Type: Coastal Natural
Turning Area:
Good Holding Ground:
Entrance Restrictions
Tide: No
Overhead Limit:
Swell: No
Other: Yes
Water Depth
Channel: 41 - 45 feet 12.5 - 13.7 meters
Cargo Pier: 11 - 15 feet 3.4 - 4.6 meters
Mean Tide: 1 foot
Anchorage: 41 - 45 feet 12.5 - 13.7 meters
Oil Terminal:
Compulsory: No
Available: No
Advisable: No
Local Assist: No
Assist: No
Salvage: No
Pratique: Yes
Other: Yes
Deratt Cert:
Telephone: No
Radio: No
Air: Yes
Telegraph: No
Radio Tel: No
Rail: No
Loading & Unloading
Med Moor:
Anchor: Yes
Lifts & Cranes
100+ Ton Lifts:
50-100 Ton Lifts:
25-49 Ton Lifts:
0-24 Ton Lifts:
Fixed Cranes:
Mobile Cranes: Yes
Floating Cranes:
Port Services
Longshore: Yes
Electrical Repair:
Steam: No
Electrical: No
Navigation Equipment: No
Provisions: No
Fuel Oil:
Diesel Oil:
Repairs, Drydock, Railway & Other Services
Ship Repairs:
Marine Railroad Size:
Drydock Size:
Garbage Disposal:
Dirty Ballast:
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