Trade Services Integrated with Digital Shipping Technologies

Aug 09, 2018 Stuart Johnson Stuart Johnson

SeaRates’s Team has a deep knowledge in international markets and infrastructure. This knowledge enables us to provide you professional assistance in sales and shipping your cargo.


This might include:

  • Terminal conditions

  • Local or overseas transport infrastructure

  • Local or overseas regulatory and political changes

  • Any relevant customs procedures


Working with SeaRates you will be pluggged into a network of experts in over 150 countries, and we’re committed to offering competitive rates and transit times. We work hard to understand your needs in order to develop a productive, long-term partnership. Whatever you want to ship, wherever you want to ship it!

Indicators of the World Trade Organization (WTO), used to assess the current state and forecast future indicators of international trade, indicate its permanent growth. Despite the presence of global hotbeds of instability, trade sanctions, embargoes, and other trade restrictions, the statistics strongly demonstrate the continued growth of global trade in the world. That is why it is difficult to imagine a modern successful company that would not be integrated into the fibers of international commerce or compete with transnational companies.

Small start-ups, medium-sized companies and even more industrial giants today feel a direct correlation between the degree of their integration into the international markets for resources, labor and capital - and their financial success. International trade provides qualitatively new development opportunities for any entity involved in this process.



Economists have established that in the past 50 years, international trade has developed much faster than production. That is, the gross increase in how many goods were transferred from one country to another, is greater than the actual increase in production. As trade moves with the desire of people to live better, this means that international trade itself, even "trade without production," can make people much happier, and the world more open and free. And this is a terrific fact that makes us practice again and again..

For us, international trade is not a set of dry rules. We are well aware that the implementation of transnational transactions is not an isolated legal process, but the result of the enormous work and communication of many people. All this requires our team to constantly acquire new knowledge and skills from related fields: antitrust regulation, international marketing, currency regulation, payment systems, export credit financing, trade investigations, dispute settlement in various institutions, tariff regulation, international logistics, foreign languages ​​and culture, and much more.

There is an intense correlation between economic growth and the size of international trade. Those countries that grow rapidly tend to trade a lot. There are many reasons to assume that international trade is pushing economic growth because it increases welfare.

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