Top 5 Logistics Trends That Are Affecting Shipping and Logistics In 2020

Mar 19, 2020 Muhammad Shoaib Muhammad Shoaib

Logistic industry is infamous for its profound use of manual process and hefty amounts of statistics which is stored in different places, the logistics industry is perhaps the most frequent one which should pursue and espouse the new techniques and technologies. But as the time is taking leaps, the technology is opening its feathers and flying elevated on the sky with new gear and techniques and to endure in this manner of environment the most intelligent one is the person who adopts this modification. 

Our logistics industry requires those changes more than anyone else. But unfortunately, our logistics industry is far left from adopting these new apparatus, technology, and techniques. And we are afraid that what if there comes an instance when we are outlying from the latest technology on a level where we lost the trail and get the utter amount of trouncing.

Below mention areas are the ones that we deem are going to cause snag and need changing and modification to survive in the field of logistics.

1. Artificial Intelligence 

The Artificial Intelligence, undoubtedly, has revolutionized the logistics, helping reduce traffic accidents, diminishes the carbon emission and minimized the monetary expenses. Either it’s about the tracking system, traffic management, planning out activities or other logistics operations, the Artificial Intelligence has really empowered the way, it was a few years ago. The knowledge-based systems have made logistic operations more precise. Even more, the neural networks are like artificial brains, faster and error-free.

2. Absence of Blockchain 

Supply chain business has befallen more complicated and cumbersome. The old techniques wore in this business capture days to make a payment between any supplier and manufacturer or a vendor and customer, because there is no appropriate system and it is affecting the process of shipping and causing a repercussion to cost and resources. 

In this hard time what we need is to launch a blockchain system, it will not only reduce the cost but will increase the efficiency of the existing process. Tracking of the all transactions will be on wrists, all the transactions will go through an authentic process and there will be the least opportunity of any inaccuracy. Information will be supplementary translucent. Everyone who is the component of this system will be benefitted. 

3. Abundance of Green Logistics

Traditional techniques and systems used in logistics business are causing foremost issues to the environment and are causative in the arouse of toxic and heinous materials. The disposal of hideous material is affecting our environment in such bad ways that are hard to elucidate. This system and lack of ecological protection acquaintance are promoting t distress to our globe.

All the companies and enterprises must take responsibility for their actions and commence a proper system to reduce the traditional system which is destroying our environment. The ecologically friendly process will help in the minimization of wastage and will have a good collision. Our world and country have previously suffered from the ecological safety issues and we, as a responsible worker and owner of a business must situate our efforts to help diminish the terrorization which our mother earth is facing. 

Green logistics allow the decline of energy expenditure and prop up the recycling of packaging material. Green logistics is an innovative drift to follow. 

4. Customers are Not the First Choice


This is the crucial peril that supply chain companies are facing these days. A business stands on a root which is called clients; no business can endure success without their customers. Customers are the one who makes or breaks any business. There is not a solitary example of any business which is surviving without customers. 

The core purpose of any business is to give the utmost perfect services to their customers and get profit in return and to follow this prototype we must have good customer service, which is lacking in most of the logistics companies. Today the customer wants to be more secure and connected with the person or the company from where he/she is getting services. 

No matter how gigantic your supply chain business is if your customer service is not up to the mark or top-notch you are botched. To attain a good repute whether you are a top-notch supply chain company or a niche one you need to work on your customer service and have to make your customers your precedence. With the help of ecommerce platforms, you can provide end-to-end logistic services to your customers and try to make an uncontaminated connection with them; otherwise, your business is in a huge threat. 

5. Third-Party Logistics & Cost Control

When you are in a shipping/supply chain or online Auto business, the costs is what you cannot control and agonize about the most. But you can control the cost and the process of shipment by turning to the third parties. You don’t have to disburse them any superfluous charges every time. 3pl is going to work for you only whilst you need their services and you have to pay them according to their services. This will slash a huge cost of your expenses. 

These are some foremost trends, threats or problems which the logistic business is still facing in 2020. These trends need to change and will make an impact on the logistics industry. Nothing can survive without a change, so does the logistic industry, it should follow the new rules and technology which are being offered or available in the market. 

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