Some Tips on How to Save Money on International Shipping for Students

Jul 13, 2020 Michael Turner Michael Turner

Shipping expenses can be extravagant, especially if you are sending things abroad. If you are a student who studies in a different country on a scholarship or in pursuit of your dream education, chances are you’ll have to ship things back and forth. 

Today it is possible to ship almost everywhere. There are many shipping options and companies, but also numerous expenses that just keep adding up. In the middle of all of your studies, student debt, and loans, it is best to find good tricks that would help you save some money. 

That being said, here are some great tips on how to save money on international shipping.

1. Choose a Cheap Shipping Service

If you are shipping frequently, you should take the time to research your options for shipping companies. Look for the most cost-effective company, but make sure that it has a good reputation before you trust it with your goods. 

When you have regular shipping service, you won’t have to spend your limited time trying to figure out what company to use to ship your packages. This should leave you enough time to write your papers or give you some free time to spend as you want. For inspiration, check out these free essays for college by GradesFixer, one highly reliable writing service, and a site where you can find top-notch essay papers.


2. Use the Same Service for All Shipping

Not only should you find an affordable service, but you should stick with it. Ship under your account number. Most companies have special deals and advantages for their loyal customers. If you use the same service, you may get a discount for shipping frequently. 

3. Use Small Packaging

Use the smallest package in which your items can get in. Many companies determine a big part of the cost based on size. This means that if you use a big box for small things, you will be charged more because of the size. So, pick the smallest packaging available to hold what you need. 


But, make sure that you secure the items and leave some room for the necessary padding. You should never, ever sacrifice the quality of your items to get a smaller size or price. If things don’t arrive in one piece, you haven’t really saved anything, have you?

4. Use the Packaging Your Carrier Provides

Many times, when customers use their own packaging, they are charged so-called ‘dimensional fees’. While companies can have fees in case your box exceeds their size regulations, they might have packaging that doesn’t have dimensional fees. In such cases, these expenses are not applied to shipping orders that use the carrier’s packaging.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Haggle

If you are sending things back and forth often, don’t be afraid to haggle a little. Many companies will set a lower price if you ship frequently. Speak to their support to know what kind of benefits you get based on the number of packages you are sending internationally.

6. Choose Online Shipping

The US Postal Service allows you to pay for shipping online. Not many people know this, but this can save you up to 16% on your priority mail and up to 60% on your express mail. You can also make use of many coupons and extras, such as free pick-up, some shipping supplies from the post office, or priority mail delivery confirmation.

7. Get Your Insurance Elsewhere

When most people ship things internationally, they go to the post office and get all their services here. But, you don’t have to get everything there. While it is smart to get the courier’s packaging, it is wiser to buy insurance from third parties. 

Carriers charge much more for insurance than third-party companies, sometimes even double the amount. If you ship often, this can save you a lot of cash.

8. Opt for Prepaid Shipping

Companies like UPS and FedEx have special deals for people who choose prepaid shipping. You can find offers with discount rates that go up to 20%. It goes like this. Instead of buying a label when you send the package out, you buy a larger number of shipping labels affront and affix them to your future packages when you need them.

9. Check Out the Options for Hybrid Services

Hybrid services have a certain weight, volume, and size restrictions, so they are not ideal for everyone. But, if you fit their requirements, you might want to consider using hybrid services. They can cost half as much as standard delivery options at the same company. 

These tips will allow you to save some money for your student’s budget. Step by step, you can save some cash to pay off your student debt. With such tricks, you can make your life much easier. 

Michael Turner is a financial advisor and blogger. He has great writing skills, which has gotten him published on numerous websites and blogs online. Right now, Turner shares his expertise on many financial sites, offering advice to all who need some. 


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