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Aug 10, 2018 Stuart Johnson Stuart Johnson

Alpha Bravo Charlie phonetic alphabet



Alpha-Bravo-Charlie phonetic alphabet is frequently used international alphabet for spelling the complex words and names over the phone.
Container terminals on the world map
Database of sea ports with container terminals on world map
IMO Classes for Dangerous Goods
International system for classification and labelling of dangerous goods.
Chartering abbreviations
The most frequently used chartering abbreviations and their meanings.
Glossary of popular maritime transportation terms with their explanations frequently used in sea transportation.
Terms of container delivering by shipping line.
Online currency converter allows you to perform a quick conversion of money between a number of world currencies using current mid-market rates.
Unit converter
Online unit converter allows to convert the values prevalent in transportation business
between units of length/distance, weight/mass, volume/capacity, fuel consumption,
density and speed used in different countries.
Plastic pallets, wood pallets, pallet dimentions, pallet layout, pallet types.
Incoterms 2000
The set of international rules for the interpretation of the most commonly
used trade terms in foreign trade.
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