SeaRates Updates - Week 45, 2020

We're always working to improve your experience with SeaRates' products and services. Here are the latest updates you need to know about.

Tracking System

This week, we’ve made improvements to the way we work with shipping lines such as OOCL, Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) and Interasia Lines.

Check our Tracking System here

We have added support for two more shipping lines:

  • Taicang Container Lines
  • Transvision Shipping Line

We are also working to improve the stability of the Tracking System API.

SeaRates Social Networks

We’re always working to improve our social media platforms to keep our users updated with the latest industry information. Follow SeaRates on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube to stay connected to the global freight community. 

Growth of the Digital Freight Alliance 

The DF Alliance members have access to a global freight forwarding network.  It allows them to expand opportunities for their business and meet freight partners from all over the world. The DF Alliance now has 537 members from 190 countries. New members were added this week from the Maldives, Panama, Nepal, Curacao, and more.

The DF Alliance continues to receive positive feedback from clients through its surveys.

Stay tuned for DF Alliance updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Upcoming updates

Load Calculator

Our SeaRates’ Load Calculator is a web-based tool that allows you to input the details of your cargo and simulate in 3D  how the items will be packed into the container. 

The tool takes into account all the physical and geometric characteristics of the cargo, and supports the palletizing function.

You can see how your cargo would be loaded and placed into the container in just four steps. 

Step 1 - Select your cargo’s parameters. 

Step 2 - Select your cargo’s location.

Step 3 -Choose the type of container for your cargo.

Step 4 - See the 3D visualization of your cargo’s loading.

Logistics Explorer API

The new Logistics Explorer API offers many advantages. Currently, we are integrating analytics and commissions into the application. 

This will allow you to select a different commission for registered and unregistered users. You can also set a different commission for countries. 

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