SeaRates Updates - Week 38, 2020

Here at SeaRates, we would like to express our gratitude to all our customers and partners for their consistent feedback. Our aim is to keep improving current solutions while introducing new ones, and today we are happy to share our latest updates. 

If you missed our previous updates, please make sure to read it here.

Tracking System

We have recently improved the Autodetect shipping line by container number. Minor changes were made to work with shipping lines such as Regional Container Lines (RCL), T.S. Lines, Turkon, BLPL Singapore, Evergreen, Hyundai, MSC, Trans Asian Shipping Services.

We also enhanced the location database to define locations better, based on data received from shipping lines. Our next task is to expand the list of supported shipping lines with the aim of backing more than 60.

Ship Schedules

The ZIM shipping line tool has been upgraded making the response time much more efficient and fast. Any previous issues with displaying information have been rectified. We are always looking for ways to improve our tools, and your suggestions are valuable to us. Please email us on

Digital Freight Alliance development

With a total of 172 members from 76 countries currently in the DFA, the network grew by 16 new members last week, with countries like Portugal, France, China, Kenya, Malaysia, Japan, Yemen, Nigeria, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, and the Philippines added to the list. A great achievement as the network continues to expand across borders every day.

DFA has continued to receive positive responses from client surveys with the majority of comments expressing satisfaction with the quality of services.

Stay tuned for DFA updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Upcoming updates

Load Calculator

A long-standing application that allows you to find the optimal loading plan for a vehicle or container in just a few steps. The tool takes into account all the physical and geometric characteristics of the cargo, and supports the function of palletizing, and covers all the main parameters studied in the Course of Cargoes. For your convenience, you can also import or export the information to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

You can rename groups for easier navigation 

You can add groups of goods to load into the container

In the development process, the last step is to calculate the stuffing of your cargo inside the container

Logistics Explorer API

The new Logistics Explorer API offers many advantages. Currently, we are integrating analytics and commissions into the application. This will allow you to select a different commission for registered and unregistered users, as well as set a different commission for countries, among other features.

KYC for DFA members

To make it easier for you to join a global network of freight forwarders, we are developing an online registration form for your company. Now you can skip the extra steps and just download the KYC application, fill it in, and hit send. Simple!


If you wish to: 

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