SeaRates Updates - Week 34, 2020

The SeaRates team thanks all our customers and partners for their activity and feedback that you give in emails. We are trying to improve existing solutions and supplement them with new ones, and today we will share the latest innovations over the period. If you missed the release of previous updates - please read it here.


Logistics Explorer

Now, when searching for rates from the SeaRates main page, the client enters the Logistics Explorer. It has several advantages:

  • more concise interface
  • conveniently grouped maps and rate details
  • possibility to choose several types of containers in one booking
  • convenient filtering ability by lines and service components
  • visual view of carriers and their ratings



We are currently reworking one of our first tool for supply chain participants - Logistics Explorer. Our team is testing the speed and performance while transitioning the tool to React technology, which allows you to get the most out of this tool.



Great news for those waiting for the Logistics Explorer API. Development is expected to be completed in September. You will soon be able to get the most features and capabilities with SeaRates.



Request a quote

You can add your storage facility when choosing the type of delivery  FCL (Land). This is convenient because now you can calculate the cost of delivery from your warehouse or to the client's warehouse. This update also includes bug fixes and other improvements. 



We have added an autocomplete for the warehouse search. This smart system shows you the matches it finds when you enter a warehouse into the search bar.



If you have not found your warehouse, you can add it without leaving the tool. You no longer need to go to the Virtual Office to add a new warehouse. We make it easy for you to use our system every day.



Booking System

Great news for our users. We know you've been waiting for this. We have added a new container delivery mode - an empty container. With SeaRates, land transportation just got easier.



Digital Freight Alliance development

New members from Bolivia, Germany, Ireland, and Uzbekistan joined us this week. 119 members from 49 countries have already joined the DFA.

The Digital Freight Alliance continued to receive positive feedback from clients through its client surveys, with the majority of respondents expressing general satisfaction with the quality of the services provided.

Stay tuned for DFA updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Updates Pending

Load Calculator

Load Calculator is one of the classic SeaRates applications. It allows you to find the optimal loading plan of the vehicle in just a few steps, taking into account all the physical and geometric characteristics of the cargo. The tool supports the function of palletizing and all the main parameters. 

The code responsible for recursive loading has been completely rewritten - the complexity of the code has been reduced. Optimized loading of barrels into a container. Optimizing container loading in progress (will be completed this week).

The final testing of the server-side of the Load Calculator is in progress. 

A completely new and improved tool is expected in November.

Tracking System

Changes were made to work with such shipping lines as Turkon, Hamburg Sud, Sinokor, and Hapag Lloyd. A new self-learning module for auto-detection of shipping lines for the Tracking System. Now for all versions of the Tracking System API, automatic shipping line detection is available for all container types (leasing and non-leasing). The addition of 5 new shipping lines to the 20 already supported shipping lines is under development.

Cargo Wizard

Good news for those looking forward to a new version of Cargo Wizard. Functionality for adding and editing bulk cargo is under development.

Also, now your data will be saved in the Virtual Office.

If you have other suggestions to improve the functionality, you would like to subscribe to one of the available services, or you are interested in the integration of ready-made solutions for your business - write to us at!

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