SeaRates Updates - Week 21, 2021

May 31, 2021 Lilia Khovrak Lilia Khovrak

In case you missed it, you can read last week’s updates here.

Tracking System

This week we have made improvements to the way we work with shipping lines including Evergreen, PIL, Hyundai, MSC, and COSCO.

Logistics Explorer

We adhere to the DP World policy and in accordance with the environmental programme, we have added information on the level of CO2 when shipping your goods. Now you can work with us to help keep the planet green and reduce the harmful effects of carbon dioxide on the environment.

Booking System

We have added a search feature for your bookings. Now it’s even easier to find the booking you need in our system.

Logistics Apps Integration page

We have updated the code for our web applications so that you can integrate them on your site easily. All you need to do is insert the necessary code to your website and our manager will provide the necessary data so that you can use the application without restrictions. See how the tools would look on your website here.

Members Tiers option

If you are a DFA member, you now have an overview in your Virtual Office of all the DFA plans available. You will be able to see your plan and upgrade your existing plan as well.

DFA Benefits page

We've redesigned our benefits page. You can read more about each benefit here.

DFA Code of Ethics page

The Digital Freight Alliance fully adheres to a set of core business ethics and standards when dealing with DFA members. You can read more about these standards here.

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