How online technologies support people's lives and supply chain during the coronavirus pandemic?

Apr 16, 2020 Nouman Ali Nouman Ali

The 3,333 deaths in China and 14,766 in the US due to COVID 19 are alarming. China has managed to recover from the pandemic due to rapid planning and action. However, the death toll in the United States of America is still increasing with each passing day. 

Social distancing is being practiced globally, and while necessary, it is making everyday life extremely challenging. Restrictions on human and business activities are not only affecting consumers but businesses as well. Vital business functions, such as distribution and supply chain, have been disrupted worldwide. 

Businesses rely on their supply chain to deliver end products, it is impossible to develop products and deliver them to customers without an intact supply chain. 

Technology has always been helpful to mankind and is still playing a role in this turbulent time. Whether we talk about the sustenance of daily life or meeting supply chain activities, online technologies are providing invaluable support. 

Technology and human life 

- Spreading awareness 

Technology is playing its role in providing information and guidance necessary to combat the virus. Social media channels are offering an excellent opportunity to connect us with health organizations, governments, healthcare providers, and other relevant authorities. 

Since smartphones, the internet, and social media applications are commonplace in urban and rural areas around the globe, they have proved to be an excellent messenger of useful information. Through technology, people have become aware of the symptoms, prevention, and treatment of Coronavirus. 

- Connectivity with former corona patients 

Technology is helping people connect with patients who are currently suffering from Coronavirus or have recovered from it successfully. Since there is so much misinformation about the disease, it is very helpful to learn about the condition of someone who actually has the disease. 

Thanks to technology, we can connect with people even during the quarantine. These patients are a valuable source of information; many have made posted live videos or recordings to share their symptoms and treatments that are working for them. All of them have requested people to stay home to stay safe. 

Additionally, they are letting us know about the current scenario in hospitals. Medicines that are given to them and after how many days they felt their extreme symptoms. 

- Online appointments

Other diseases and illnesses have not taken a break during the Coronavirus pandemic. People are still suffering from the regular flu, heart issues, cancer, pregnancy, psychotherapy, and thousands of other problems that mandate a visit to the doctor. However, governments are directing people to not go to the hospital or the emergency room unless absolutely essential. 

Technology is again providing us a helping hand in the forms of telehealth and telemedicine. Hospitals are quickly launching apps and online platforms to provide online consultation, we can easily connect with our doctors online instead of visiting the hospitals. Apart from local doctors, international medical professionals are also available. 

- Online groceries 

Thousands of e-commerce stores are present, among which eBay tops the lists. These stores are a gift of technology, helping us to shop from home. 

- Finding drugs 

Technology is making it possible for us to get drugs delivered at home. Different apps, e-commerce stores, e-medical stores, and delivery systems have made it possible to order medicine online. 

- Online fundraising  

With the economy in lockdown, many people have lost their jobs, and daily wagers are out of commission. While the government is doing what it can, communities are organizing fundraisers to help themselves. 

Online fundraising is making it possible for people to send in their donations, so organizations or volunteers can help deliver essentials to the needy. For instance, a software development company in USA started a fundraising campaign that helped more than 4000 families get food. 

Technology and Supply Chain 

- Contactless Delivery

An ingenious and simple idea, contactless delivery has been made possible through technology. Users order the products they want through mobile apps, websites, or e-commerce platforms. They pay for them electronically and get the products delivered on their doorstep or curbside. Users are notified of the delivery via a text or call. They can then go to pick the package. No human interaction is involved.  

- Transport Automation 

Unmanned, automatic vehicles are being called into action to reduce human to human contact. In China, Silicon Valley, japan, and other advanced countries, local governments, as well as businesses, are using self-driving cars to deliver supplies. 

- Drone Delivery

Many companies are also using drones to deliver products to consumers and other businesses. Drone deliveries minimize human contact and decrease the spread of infection. 

- Micro Mobility 

Government and healthcare providers are advising against shared and public means of transportations. This has encouraged the micro-mobility companies to come forward in full force. Means of transport such as scooters, e-steps, and cycles are being peddled to help people go from one place to the other while also being safe. We recommend checking out some of the main micro-mobility blogs such as Eridehero to find reliable products in this industry. 

- Shipment Tracking Systems 

Businessmen are making the best use of the tracking systems to know where the goods are so that they can mitigate the risk of losing another order. Similarly, website like is helping millions of businessmen in tracking their ships globally. This platform help businesses in finding their ship's location by logging in and typing the ship's name. 

Wrap Up

In short, the economic and health disruptions caused by Coronavirus are undeniable. Technology has emerged as a front-line savior; it is helping consumers and businesses alike. 

Work from home technologies, contactless deliveries, online learning platforms, robotics, and automation are helping us on all fronts, including medicine, transport, and education. 

More importantly, they are keeping us connected to each other as we fight this global catastrophe. 

Have you seen any other innovation in transport or delivery in your area? We would love it if you shared it with us! 

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