SeaRates Getting Ready For Recovery After Covid-19 Pandemic

Once the pandemic ends, it may take businesses up to 6 months to get back to normal. A pandemic raises many business challenges and signals internal processes that need to be revised in order to provide flexibility in force majeure circumstances, and to focus on the full development of business digitization. This applies not only to B2C relationships, but also B2B.

From a topline perspective, senior stakeholders in companies are tasked to make managemerial decisions for the greater good, and need to delegate authority remotely where needed rapidly - a business that has an online component will be more competitive over those who are conservative and accustomed to traditional offline methods.

SeaRates offers digital solutions that enables freight forwarders or cargo owners to function with their customers as they were before the Covid-19 pandemic. As the world is isolates and the supply chain becomes more complex, SeaRates has developed a digital supply chain plan to support your business. The time is now to show your benefits to a wide range of consumers. We live in a digital world where digital services are needed to provide best in class service for your clients’ from online sales and delivery, to online training, telemedicine and government services…

So, which online tools will help you get back to business?

1. Online Quotes and Bookings 

Use our finding a carrier tool to search for the best rates to carry your cargo within a few clicks. 

2. Track Ship Schedules Online

Our tool ship schedules will help you find a date for your goods to be shipped. You can also be informed about the arrival of your container.

3. Container Stuffing Calculation 

To calculate the stuffing of the container our tool will help you understand your cargo stuffing in a matter of seconds – available online by just working off our platform… convenient, right!?

4. Cargo Tracking 

Use this tool to track your cargo around the world in real-time. You can track by bill of lading, container or booking number. This tool will make you a leader in the container shipping market and here to help you digitalise your offering.

5. Online Shipping Documentation

One of the best tools for compiling shipping documents is SeaRates Cargo Wizard. By uploading all you cargo items in our Cargo Wizard, you’ll have an online record that can be accessed anytime anywhere: invoices, packing lists, bill of lading etc., filled automatically and allowing you to save a huge amount of time.

SeaRates will also provide you with support at all stages of transportation process, which is essential at this time- SeaRates is ready to support you 24/7!

It is not yet possible to predict what the industry will look like when offline competitors return. Perhaps the “traditional” business is waiting for a renaissance.

Lilia Khovrak is a professional content manager from Odessa, Ukraine. Loves life by the sea. Dreams to see Paris and eat a croissant on the thresholds of Notre Dame de Paris. Hates to read meaningless articles.