Free Tracking Widget for Your Website

Nov 01, 2019 Valeria Guliy Valeria Guliy


Your site meets the modern requirements for the logistics company


Increases Customer Return and improves the position in search engines


Provides a high level of service to your customers in shipping, 24/7


Withholds customers from visiting competitors' websites

For logistics service providers

Multi-Tracking system isn’t just a convenient tool to satisfy curiosity, it's a retention tool which significantly increases customer return rate. If container tracking is installed on your website, your customers will no longer visit competitors' or shipping lines sites. You can create folder, add all shipments to the dashboard and generate a unique code for the customer to give him an access to track all his shipments by one click.

Import and export files

SeaRates tracking allows you to work with bunches of shipments gathered in files you work with every day. You can easily import them in any format to save time, or export the outcomes in a convenient view. Supported formats – .xls, .xlsx, .doc, .txt, .pages, .csv and others.

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