5 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Shipping Company for Your Online Store

Mar 13, 2020 Jamal Khan Jamal Khan

Online business has many opportunities for all types of retailers. Whether you are running an online business at a small scale or managing online orders transactions at greater levels. For successful online retailers, you need to address two main fields. First is marketing, how you represent your online shop along with products, in comparison with other competitors, how your website manages to grab online shopping clients.

The second cardinal point in e-commerce business is the delivery of purchased items. It is the most important aspect since it's the delivery boy who is representing your online firm. If the shipping company fails to deliver in time, it will bring bad repute to your online business, and the client will ultimately lose trust in your online firm.

So, here are few tips to select the appropriate shipping firm for your online store

Net Cost


An online client has to pay the total amount of product along with shipment charges. Therefore, you have to be reasonable while charging your clients. Since exaggerated amount will ultimately lose your online clients. While choosing your shipping company you have to careful while calculating charges and should not compromise on quality delivery. As if you select some cheap firm, which ultimately delivers product late or mishandled the consignment. It will be much costlier for your repute and business.

The shipment cost depends on several factors it includes volumetric weight, destination distance, and the number of ordered items. Volumetric weight is the weight that depends on volume dimensions (length, width, and height). Cost declines as the number of ordered items increases in maximum scenarios. Moreover, cost also depends on target delivery distance, it can be local, regional, national or international.

Keeping all the above cost dependent factors in mind, survey and get feedback on shipping firm working nationally/internationally.


Regarding coverage, choosing a shipping firm is highly dependent on the capability of your ecommerce business. If your business’s potential and possible clients are locally based, then you can easily manage within the specified region. However, if you are planning to target local/worldwide clients for your ecommerce business. Then you need some trustworthy firm in that specified region. That can manage the timely delivery of important consignments. This firm should have a local office in your targeted area for necessary coordination.

Your research in this filed will pay you a lot, at times shipping firms are offering standard rates in national level delivery. Furthermore, these firms are in coordination with international firms in your area of interest.

At times these renowned firms have calculated delivery charges as per destination distances and volumetric weight. Thus, you can use their delivery charges calculations in your online shopping cart.

Tracking and Return Policy


Shipping firm with the tracking abilities will provide an edge to other competitors. Since if a client can track his shopping order, he will be a lot more satisfied. In real-time, the right shipping firm informs their clients, that when the package has been dispatched, now it's on the way and estimated time to reach the destination.

If the client isn’t available at home, an online retailer must have a clear understanding of shipping firm reactions. Will they reschedule a meeting with the client? Or will they leave a note for the client to visit their office? Or will they safely return the said package to you if undelivered?


The timely delivery of products in online business is the most important part. How you will manage this? If you know that consignment can be delivered in 12 hours, you should specify with some additional time. That is important to cater for any unforeseen situation. Also, the client will be happy if he receives his product before time.

If a client wants to receive a purchased item earlier than a specified time. For example, a client wants to purchase travel gadgets before his scheduled flight. He must have an urgent delivery option, definitely with some additional cost.


The entire e-commerce business operates on trust. Online clients make a payment without even seeing an item is based on a firm's guarantee. An online retailer ensures product quality at his end but to confirm the best delivery, he has to rely on shipping firms. For that matter, online retailers must do proper research and select a serious and trustworthy shipping firm.

Shipping firms must offer security and certain guarantees while delivering. Moreover, that firm must be able to offer timely delivery along with appropriate packing material.

For a selection of firm at international shipment needs more effort. Therefore, timely coordination at both ends must be ensured by the online retailer. Since it ultimately affects your online business.

Jamal Khan is a certified digital marketing trainer. He writes about the influence of social media on modern-day business activities. He’s best known for designing social media strategies for some of the well-known global brands.  He occasionally writes articles for Travelfui.