21% of Oversized Online Shopping Items are Delivered Damaged

Sep 10, 2018 Patrick Prinston Patrick Prinston

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According to the uShip report, retailers have yet to solve the problem of delivering oversized cargo in their own, such as sofas, mattresses and running simulators. The study showed that 21% of adult Americans who bought such a large item last year received it with damage after delivery, and 15% said that this item was not delivered at all. After the purchase, 16% of buyers had to look for transport for an oversized product.

Calling them "dissatisfied customers" is an understatement, as another 11% said they were battling customer support services so that the delivery process would at least begin; another 11% reported that they spent the whole day shipping their large goods; 15% said they missed work while waiting for delivery; and 13% reported the forced acceptance of the goods due to an extremely complex return process. The effect of sales is predictable: 28% said they do not dare to buy more oversized goods on the Internet because of the uncertainty of delivery.