Carbon Emissions Calculator

This is your sign to join environmental responsibility.
Become a part of the sustainability improvement with advanced Carbon Emission Calculator functionality. Discover the world of green technologies for daily logistics.

Carbon emissions calculator

Optimize your carbon impact with SeaRates

Our CO2 Calculator harnesses the power of advanced algorithms and vast data resources to provide accurate assessments of carbon emissions across sea, air, road, and rail transportation

Carbon emissions calculator

Carbon footprint calculation options

With SeaRates you can get not only data by coordinates but also by carrier. Developed based on the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) Framework Version 2.0 and ISO 14083 principles for accurate and compliant carbon emission calculations, our solution gives you confidence about compliance with standards.

To meet your customers’ net zero commitments on CO2 footprint, as well as to automate GHG calculations, freight & shipping emissions data should be accessible and reliable, and our carbon intelligence software makes it happen.

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Carbon emissions calculator

CO2 Calculator web-integration

Be in the trend of modern green culture and equip your website with Carbon Emissions Calculator, showing your customers attentive care of the environmental impact. Reduce footprints, forget complex calculations, and let users find eco-friendly routes to minimize their carbon footprint with a few clicks. Thanks to the empowering data users will be able to make smarter choices when placing bookings or planning routes, balancing sustainability with speed and reliability for informed container selections.

The integration is effortless – just plug & play with your systems and get white label solution with your brand & logo. We guarantee uninterrupted service, 99.9% uptime, always on.

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Your own CO2 emissions calculator with Language localization

Web-integrated versions of our tools are fully customized to the language of your resource. Add the tool to your website and ensure your customers get a great experience with you as a local company. Make sure your audience has a premium logistics experience with a white-label solution on your website. Improve your customer support in the pre-sale period with accurate CO2 emissions data.

Carbon emissions calculator

Offer sustainable solutions and get steady profit

Expand sales channels and increase bookings for your services by integrating SeaRates IT tools for greening logistics. Get a steady profit from offering sustainable solutions. Offering advanced and comprehensive services scales your business like nothing else!

Give your competitors no chance by integrating a comprehensive CO2 calculator online under your brand. Become the main resource for your customers to calculate the air emissions from each shipment for their individual needs.

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Carbon emissions calculator

Drive positive environmental outcomes with SeaRates

Except that SeaRates CO2 Calculator allows you to choose the greenest delivery option, you can also participate in our Ecology Support Programme, that is a part of the corporate Sustainability Strategy. By choosing “CO2 offset” in any of SeaRates tools you are directly contributing to making our world brighter and cleaner, especially knowing how much environmental impact is done by transport. Fight climate change, and simultaneously increase your conversions, customer satisfaction, and bookings.

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Carbon emissions calculator

Make your carbon offset management more practical with our tool

Calculate the harmful CO2 impact and carbon offset compensation. With one ‘Compensation’ button, you have access to the ecological initiatives of the Climate Trade marketplace. Our carbon emissions equivalent calculator assists you in simply investing in environmental sustainability. Run your trade flows and keep an eye on environmental impact with no extra effort!

How does СO2 calculator for shipping work?

Let’s see how to calculate carbon emissions based on your requirements:

'CO2 by Coordinates' option

Parameters considered:

  • Distance of the route by two points;
  • Carried shipping type: by sea, air, and road (rail or truck);
  • Transport mode: as per the chosen shipping type. Container Vessels, Bulk, Cargo, RoRo, and Barges are accepted for sea.
  • Diesel or Electric for road type. The Default vehicle for air;
  • Container type;
  • Transported cargo characteristics (incl. weight and size).
'CO2 by Lines' option

Parameters considered:

  • Distance of the route by two points;
  • Historical data on shipping line transportation, including emission control zones;
  • Container type;
  • Transported cargo characteristics (incl. weight and size).

Simply clarify your parameters among the wide range of options available, and our algorithms will calculate the amount of emissions into the atmosphere for a particular shipment

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5 models of data and parameters in calculation

SeaRates uses well-known ISO-compliant emission factors and models to accurately compute CO2 emissions for various modes of transport, in particular:

  • Factors Model
  • Schedules Model
  • Ship Model
  • Historical Model
  • Parcel Model

For FCL shipments in each model, SeaRates CO2 calculator considers:

  • Schedules
  • Carrier
  • Route
  • Transshipments
  • Vessel
  • Distance
  • Container type
  • Cargo weight

Before taking important decisions, make sure they are data-driven.

Go green, ship smart, meet eco-goals, and save money

Carbon emissions calculator

CO2 data intelligence gained from the network

At SeaRates, we are proud of our algorithms, which go beyond standard CO2 calculation methodologies and bring more accuracy thanks to our routes database, dynamic tracking, schedules, and historical AIS data. Our engineering team takes a thorough scientific approach, continuously calibrating data accuracy and transparency.

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Ensure your supply chain is greener with the CO2 calculator

Individual decarbonization approach
Green carrier identification
All-round logistics greening
Highly in compliance

Apply for a free carbon emissions calculator trial period to get to know this innovative tool for shipping. Our specialists are on hand to provide you with a customized solution for your business needs.

Try a personalized approach to green logistics!

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Advanced way to make global shipping greener

Make sure you minimize the negative influence on the nature with every single shipment delivered. Step up to the next level of sustainability in your supply chain.

Let us know about your intention to integrate the Carbon Emission Calculator into your website. Our experts are always eager to assist in improving your logistics and trading activities.

Let SeaRates CO2 Calculator

become your starting point for less affecting ecology in areas like:

  • Travel emissions
  • Freight shipping & transport
  • Flights & air cargo
  • Procurement
  • Cargo vehicles
  • Supply chain
  • E-commerce shipping
  • Energy
  • Fuel combustion

Looking for ways to scale?

To penetrate deeper and gain more benefits from sharp calculation with our methodology, explore our API documentation.