SeaRates Х TPM24 by S&P Global: Upcoming Conference Announcement

We are proud to announce that the SeaRates team will be attending TPM24 by S&P Global, which will take place March 3-6 in Long Beach, CA, USA. The global impact of this event extends to the logistics industry around the world. This year's conference is dedicated to the theme "Extreme Normalization Fallout", which will focus on the challenges of 2023 and what it has taught the industry in 2024. We will be focusing on supply chain sustainability, reliable solutions, and the critical needs of all participants.

We look forward to meeting you, our valued customers and partners, to discuss and share our wealth of industry experience to move the world together in 2024.

Conference Agenda

TPM24 by S&P Global will be held in Long Beach, CA, USA, at the Long Beach Convention Center on March 3-6. Among the speakers at the event are representatives of large logistics providers and transport companies, as well as many other valuable guests who are ready to share their experience in digitalized logistics. The current challenges for the freight and supply chain industry will be the red line between this year's topics for discussion at the event, including:

  • Intermodal rail and road transportation;
  • Decarbonization and sustainable development;
  • Geopolitics and supply chains;
  • Global regulatory landscape;
  • Development of transatlantic, north-south and intra-Asian trade;
  • Trends and prospects for shippers
  • Economic forecasts;
  • Automation to replace manual processes in logistics;
  • and much more.

For more information, please visit the TPM24 by S&P Global website.

Take advantage of the occasion to learn about the newest trends in the supply chain industry and to meet the SeaRates team.

Meet our attendees at TPM24 by S&P Global:

Oleksiy Shatunov

Artem Brezghin

Amit Sharma

We would love to talk to you about how we can help you with your shipping needs.

Join up and meet SeaRates

We look forward to meeting you in Long Beach at TPM24 by S&P Global to provide you with the best and most updated logistics industry solutions. SeaRates is eager to meet your shipping needs and provide you with decisions to solve problems related to your daily operations.

Come meet the SeaRates team at the nearest conference and learn from our experience. Let us know about your intentions to meet with us. Our team will be happy to share useful insights with you and inspire an atmosphere of business growth.

Contact us at for more information about conferences with SeaRates.

We hope to see you in California in March!

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