SeaRates Updates - Week 16, 2022

The SeaRates services have received a number of updates and new features this week, together with additional optimisations of existing features.

If you've missed any of our previous updates, you can read them all here.

What's new for week 16:


  • Tracking System improvements. This week, we have made improvements to the way we work with providers, including ZIM, Evergreen, Hyundai, Wan Hai, and Matson. Improved and optimized support for leasing companies via our API. We're pleased to announce the addition of support for Romocean and EIO. We now support a total of 128 carriers and 12 leasing companies, making our platform one of the few that can offer support for a wide variety of shipping lines. You can find the updated list of shipping lines here.
  • Ship Schedules improvements. We have made enhancements to the way we work with providers, including Wan Hai and SM Line.
  • Customs Clearance page. The Customs Clearance page is where you can find information on how to clear your goods through customs. We've just updated the page with a new layout and information. Check it out here.
  • HS and HTS Codes page. We've added the HS and HTS Codes page! This page contains all the codes involved in international trade and logistics. Get a better understanding of the different types of HS and HTS codes and their meanings. It's like a whole new world!
  • Special offers from SeaRates. We have updated our banners with special offers for our customers. If you want to be aware of our current promotions, be sure to check out our special offers, which are shown on the homepage. 


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