Shipping line FLS 72

FLS Shipping line

FRONTIER LINER SERVICES offers special equipment and can handle BreakBulk cargo, from Road Building Machinery to Oil Driling Equipment, Telecomunication and more.

Founded in the United States on October of 1991, with the purpose of taking care of the transportation needs between South of Florida and the Atlantic coast In Colombia. Frontier Liner Inc. Services, is a Colombian company, whose shareholders are complementary organizations and people with an ample trajectory in means of the international transport and services, that put together efforts, capital and experience to build Frontier.

FRONTIER LINER SERVICES serves weekly with a fixed day service, consolidating their fulfillment and efficiency in the commercial interchange between the markets of the coast this of the United States and Colombian Atlantic. Through their history, FRONTIER LINER SERVICES has fortified their service in technology, logistics, quality in documentation and service to the client to always stay to the vanguard.