Shipping line DFDS LYS LINE 52

DFDS LYS LINE Shipping line

DFDS Lys Line (former Lys-Line AS/Simonsen & Slang AS) was established in 1970. Our head office is situated in Oslo (Lysaker), and we have own offices in Kristiansand, Moss, Bergen, UK and Ireland. The DFDS Lys Line Group employs all together 140 people, and has a yearly turnover of NOK 1200 mill.


DFDS Lys Line's market-oriented and experienced network of staff, partners and agents, offer solutions matching our customers needs.
The optimal combination of available vessels and equipment gives us the possibility to meet the market requirements.


DFDS Lys Line controls the links in the transportation chain, and is continuously investing in advanced communication systems to secure safe and efficient transfer of information.
to meet today's and future requirements.


DFDS Lys Line has a decentralised structure, ensuring that customers always have contact with personnel who knows the business and has the authority to make on the spot decisions.
Our dedicated sailing schedule gives a predictable delivery time for the cargo.