Mobile Application
for Shipping

SeaRates brings you ultimate experience across its rich portfolio
of universal
and cutting edge logistics tools. Download our app from AppStore or GooglePlay
and multiply your logistics efficiency at least

by ten! Streamline your daily routine with our fast shipping app and automate such things as freight search, cargo booking, shipment tracking, schedule planning, quoting, rate management and supply chain maintenance. Moreover, get your own Shipping App,
developed by our team!

Shipping App for solving
tasks on the go

No matter where you are with your smartphone, just ensure you have an internet connection and get
a fast & convenient experience for your supply chain management, smartly packed and adapted by our team into an easy shipping app.
Tools accessible
In the mobile shipping & logistics app developed by SeaRates you will find all the tools very well-known
in the market,
whichever are accessible
at, such as:
Free features and
affordable pricing
SeaRates mission was always to make
a complicated world of shipping easy, understandable, accessible and transparent
for anyone,
even without special
education. Moving a cargo should not be more difficult than planning a vacation trip and purchasing air tickets. We believe it should be fun and
we make it happen with our compare shipping rates app.

This is why most
of SeaRates features are free for registered users. At the same time you can choose which in-app purchases you need to make and
of what limit.
Find shipping app for ecommerce and beyond.
Start now
Get bucket discounts, high volume offers and prepaid
subscriptions - manage your needs and budget
avoid unnecessary
c sts!
Create your own
Shipping App

In the modern shipping industry, time is precious as never before. Every shipper wants to have the dashboard with their logistics provider, or at least a universal cargo tracking page. Every business wants to be digital and have its own app for perfect customer experience.
Find affordable shipping app with SeaRates!

This is why SeaRates offers you your own exclusive freight management app, white labeled with your brand and logo! Select which tools you want to offer to your clients in your supply chain management app and bring them a new level

of satisfaction.

Customize your cargo
tracking application
It's time to hurry up. We offer the right solution for logistics or trading companies, who want to push their business into
the digital age by offering track packages in real-time app. Any large logistics company (Maersk, MSC, FedEx, TNT, ect.) has its own cargo tracking system. Tracking is an indicator that the company is the ultimate service provider. Give something special to your customers! We offer the development of your personal tracking and delivery app for your employees
and clients.
Language localization
for all-in-one shipping app
Save money on translation and developing several versions
of your app with our ready-made
All SeaRates tools are already translated in most spoken languages, and more languages are quickly accessible and easy to add inside this on-demand shipping app. Show local care to your client and get fan users from
all around the world. Save money on expensive
IT-development with our ready-made and highly customizable shipping app for businesses, we have already invested instead of you!
What are the benefits of developing such an application for my company
by SeaRates?
Fast development
You do not have to wait many months (if not years) to develop such an application - we have everything ready. It remains only to customize
it personally for your company and release your own streamline

shipping app.
Perfect pricing
Unlike companies specializing in software development, we are engaged in
and have already made the basis
of the application taking into account all
the parameters of transportation.
And ready to hand it to you.
Save time
Imagine if the transportation takes more
than two weeks. How many times
a customer will call you asking about his cargo position? Save your employees time with our mobile shipping solutions and real-time shipment
tracking app.
Digital business card
Introduce your company as
a high-tech service provider.
Do you remember any freight forwarder with such customer
service? No.
Find new partnerships standing from the crowd.
Own booking numbers
Use your own booking numbers for your customers. It will be convenient for your client
to use only one booking number with your track packages app in the sea and on land at any system in network.
Your brand design
The only name we will show at the application is yours. Only you decide what information to show under your brand
or send e-mail with your logo, which will give needed impression to your client.