International Transportation and Shipping: Where to Start to Get a Job?

International Delivery and Shipping

1. International delivery and transportation: definition and classification

Under transportation, we understand it as a set of elements that are in close interaction and make up a single system of transportation that combines operations related to the production and circulation of products.

Transport products are directly the process of moving goods from the manufacturer to the consumer. This is the essence of transport services. They are the main linking link between the seller and the buyer.

Transportation of foreign economic activity is objectively necessary. Often the owner of the cargo is difficult to navigate in the transport setting, which requires professional knowledge of the legislation of individual countries, international conventions (agreements), technical and operational characteristics of vehicles, points of transportation and transshipment of cargoes, conditions of their work, intermediary services market, etc.

Therefore, if necessary, sending a cargo abroad, it is advisable to establish close contacts with transport enterprises and organizations engaged in international transportations.

It is important to choose the type of transport that you would like to send the cargo abroad.

Six types of transport operate in the modern world: marine, railway, automobile, annual, air, and pipeline.

Types of transport are divided into water (marine, annual), terrestrial (railway, automobile, pipeline), and air.

Thanks to modern technologies, the timetage of foreign economic activity has undergone many changes and positive transformations.

2. International shipping and modern world

I focused my attention on the water form of transportation (international shipping).

Linear shipping is such a form of transportation services, which provides regular transportation by declared schedule between predetermined ports. The cargo flow of linear shipping is mainly general (tar-score) loads. On linear vehicles are transported in small batches, basically, these are ready-made products and semi-finished products.

Marine coupling between certain ports is called a line.

Types of lines:

  • Unilateral - are characterized by the fact that they work only by one country or one navigable company;
  • Two-way, on which the vessels of the two countries work (in agreement) or two navigable enterprises:
  • Conference, of which there are two or more companies from one or different countries.

The main document in marine transportation is a bill of lading. This is a document issued by a ship owner (captain) about the terms of taking cargo for transportation by maritime.

Where to start to get a job?

Water transportation accounts for three-quarters of all world transportation, and the sailors are the main key link that provides its functioning. As a result, the labor relations, as to the circumstances, extends the laws of the flag state, the state of the port of the event of the vessel, the state of registration of the ship owner or employer, etc. It is also necessary to take into account the remoteness of the vessel from the country of residence of the seafarer, and sometimes from the shore, which complicates the connection with sailors, providing legal and medical assistance, if necessary. The latest technologies, which exhaust sailors and vessels are helping a lot. If you want to become part of the mosquitoes you need appropriate skills, fitting to all necessary medical standards, and a good resume as well. While writing your CV you will definitely need the help of professional resume writing services.

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In the modern world, modern digital technologies are not far from the shipbuilding industry, as well as a business carriage. The modern latest software is designed to reduce energy consumption in shipping, vehicles maintenance costs, and increasing the environmental friendliness of the vessel, controllability, and modern comfort for the vessel crew.

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