Freight, shipping and chartering glossary

포장 목록
A product document containing a list of items included in one package (box, container, bale, etc.), which is necessary if one package contains goods of different assortments.
A platform that allows consolidation of general cargo with the aim of accelerating and reducing the cost of their processing using mechanical means.
Pallet Charge
Surcharge applied on shipment that require palletization.
팰렛 포장기
팔레트의 내용물을 신축성있는 포장으로 포장하여 안전한 발송을 보장하는 기계.
부분 컨테이너
하나 또는 그 이상의 모든 구획에 영구적 인 컨테이너 셀이 장착 된 다용도 컨테이너 선. 남은 구획은 다른 유형의화물에 사용됩니다.
Partner Government Agency Filing (PGA)
A division of the US federal government that regulates the import of specific products into the US.
Peak Season Surcharge (PSS)
Market imposed surcharge during high volume seasons.
Pier Pass
Surcharge associated with picking up containers from the port of LA during peak hours (3 AM-6 PM)
Port Declaration
Customs-related charge for documentation.
배출 항
Port that cargo arrives to.
적재 항
Port that cargo departs from.
포트 상태 제어
Inspection of foreign ships in national ports in order to verify compliance of a ship with the requirements of international law.
Power of Attorney (POA)
A legal document used in shipping to grant a customs broker the authority to process Customs clearance on your behalf.
Surcharge associated with pulling containers from a port/ramp terminal to store in trucker yard.
선불 운임
Note in the transport document indicating that freight is prepaid in the port of loading.
견적 송장
An invoice issued for partial deliveries of goods or when goods are accepted upon arrival at the buyer.
프로 - 포마
A template or example document containing sample data that will be replaced with real values when these are available.
구매 주문서
A written agreement between a seller and a buyer on the supply (purchase) of goods or services at an agreed price and at an agreed time.