Refrigerated transportation of containers by trucks with and without plugging in, sea transportation, forwarding and international transportation of reefer containers all over the world are exactly what certain forwarding companies specialize in at

Refrigerated container transport

This is a transportation of goods or raw materials that require the maintenance of a certain temperature regime on the whole route. By connecting to a fixed or mobile network (GenSet - diesel generator), refrigerated containers allow you to maintain a temperature that cargo requires.

Products requiring temperature control

Groups of goods that require refrigerated transport (most often - perishables) include fish and seafood, milk and dairy products, eggs, fats and oils, vegetables, fruits, medicines, chemical products.

Refrigerated transportation is a specialization of SeaRates freight forwarders, providing international sea refrigerated container transportation according to established schemes. International trade today is quite developed, so there is a regular demand for transportation in refrigerators.

Reefer containers

Refrigerated container - a container equipped with a special refrigeration unit that allows you to store loads sensitive to temperature changes. The refrigerated container is transported in the same way as a regular container, but with a special power supply.
Reefer containers are normally made from special metal in Japan and Korea, and refrigeration units in the USA, China, and Malaysia. The device of a standard reefer container allow to maintain temperature condition of freight in the range - 30 to + 35 degrees, and such containers are represented in 20’ and 40’ size.

Multimodal transportation of reefer cargoes

Transportation in refrigerated containers is carried out by sea, road and railway transport, so it is possible can carry out international transport of goods on through rates.

You are guaranteed to receive a full range of services for the delivery and additional services for cargo requiring temperature conditions along the whole route both with and without connection to the genset . Forwarders at SeaRates provide the best time for delivery of goods in reefer containers and manage to get discounts from shipping lines. Your cargo and freight forwarders liability is fully insured in top European and American insurance companies.