Freight, shipping and chartering glossary

Ocean Freight
The shipping of goods by sea via shipping containers.
해양 운송장
A document that draws up the contract for the carriage of goods by sea.
오프 - 고용 조항
Terms of a time charter agreement on the suspension of payment for the use of a vessel.
짐을 내리다
Discharge of cargo from a vessel.
오픈 요금
A rate negotiated by a shipper at a shipping line (conference) for additional loading of the agreed limited consignment to one of the vessels of the line.
레지스트리 열기
A term used in place of "flag of convenience" or "flag of necessity" to denote registry in a country that offers favorable tax, regulatory, and other incentives to ship owners from other nations.
오픈 탑 컨테이너
A container with an open roof and designed to carry cargo that is too large to be loaded through standard container doors, such as machinery.
오버 토닝
가용화물 수준에 대해 일반적으로 너무 많은 선박이 있거나 특정 거래에있는 상황.