SeaRates Updates - Week 20, 2024

The SeaRates team appreciates your constant dedication and support. We continue improving our service and are thrilled to share the latest platform updates for your seamless journey.

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  • We are presenting a new version of Mobile Application V1.2. We have added authorization to the app for iOS and Android.
  • Also, we have performed a range of improvements for the authorized users of the Tracking System, including access to saved shipments and the ability to save new shipments.
  • Moreover, we have implemented the synchronization of saved shipments for the Mobile App and the web version.
  • Tracking System improvements: We are glad to announce added support for the Geodis Ocean line. Now, the total number of lines we support is over 171.
  • For API, we have added ‘cache_expires’ parameter. You can check out our improved documentation on the Developer Portal.
  • Air Cargo Tracking enhancements: We are glad to announce that we have added support for Shenzhen Airlines, Air India, Air Canada, Malaysia Airlines, and China Cargo Airlines.
  • We have improved how we work with providers, including Southwest Airlines, UPS Air Cargo, Sichuan Airlines, Air India, Corsair International, Condor, and Air Transat.
  • Load Calculator updates: We inform you that we have added limits for the web version of the tool. From now on, unauthorized users can make 1 request daily. Authorized users have free access with 3 requests daily, up to 20 per month. To get your individual quotation plan, reach out to us at [email protected].
  • Ship Schedules improvements: For API, we have added the ability to assign a unique schedule ID to share results and open a separate schedule page.
  • Distance & Time API updates: We have added the ability to specify a ‘country code’  instead of a ‘location code’.

Other updates:


  • Virtual Office Counterparties
  • New Version Route Planner API

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