Route Planner API

Easily plan your logistics. Meet Route Planner API is your ultimate logistics route builder API solution. It will help you with scheduling and tracking shipments and transport directly from your page or application. To organize your shipment simply input the number of your container, add loading and discharge points and specify your preferred route. The results will be returned with the map coordinates.

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Route planner API
Build your tracking routes with confidence

Build your tracking routes with confidence

By using a unique SeaRates database of sea, road, rail and air routes together with its rich geocoding, you can ensure events flow into any kind of interface. Add timestamps, coordinates and all associated data to bring professional experience to all your counterparties!

Already a SeaRates user? Or having our web-tools integrated to your site? Or using others?
Get even mre from them with our route planning API!

Build your tracking routes with confidence

Compatible with any Booking & Tracking Systems

If you have a cargo tracking page on your website for customers - you can automate event creation flowing from your ERP or TMS system. Connect our logistics route planning API and create events seamlessly without additional human interaction that will appear on your website, ensuring end-to-end and last mile delivery visibility.

Similarly, in any Booking System you can create and update events and chronology of a shipment moving in real-time, saving a lot of resources of your operations department.

Build your tracking routes with confidence

Logistics Route Planner API working

  • Modern, fast and functional API interface;
  • No reliance on subcontractors to track cargo on your route;
  • Full shipment information displayed with map coordinates;
  • Access from any computer or mobile device.

Whether you need port to port or door to door service, choose any place of loading and final destination and get the brief description of route, transit time and an instant freight rate for any type of service

How it works? What me and my customers will get? Who else and how can use it?

Let us give you answers


This app can provide following information: cargo position on map; distances; time; route; service providers; cargo details; port details; and more. Route calculation API brings more automation and is a powerful route planning API for developers.


Multi stop route planning API is for tracking systems that allow finding cargoes on sea, rail, air, road or even creating multimodal routes. At the same time, this is the shortest path API solution, which makes it an easy-to-use route builder API for any business

Identity number

Exchange information between Freight Forwarders/NVOCC worldwide. You can identify each other by personal booking number, code or service on the Google map and use the advantages of global.

All in one place

If you are trading worldwide you probably use services from different carriers. It will be more comfortable for your buyers to track all cargoes in one place.

Information availability

Once you integrate route planning functionality into your app with API, all booking numbers or codes you create will be available for any other tracking systems connected to our network.


You can discuss custom development of your application - if you want to add something special to the project, we will do our best. Of course, you will receive technical.

International cargo route planning API for cargo Carriers, Agents, Freight and Ship Brokers

What’s a Route Planner API?

It is an international transport route planning system, built for plotting routes on the map and specifying necessary transit details and dates. Route Planner returns data for digital and visual feedback for your logistics process. When taking a demo, you’ll be able to quickly compare free route planning API vs paid options.

Who is it for?

Our shipping route planner is developed for carriers, agents, freight forwarders and shipbrokers. It also serves as a delivery companies route planning API. It helps you plot shipments with geographical coordinates and provide your customers with automatic service updates within route optimization API. And this is indeed the best route planning API for developers.

How to use it?

SeaRates Delivery Route Planner is available as a tool with web-access on our website. We also offer installing it on other websites and have plans for providing routes and customer feedback intended for commercial use. Ultimately, it is a delivery route planning API product, compatible with any software or ecosystem.

Focus on the vital data

Route Planner users integrate Container Tracking to determine location of containers, set ports of transshipment on the map and update transit times. Mapping API with routing allows you also to combine it with Logistics Explorer in order to create custom routes with your own pricing, or will fit a need of a mobile app development route planning API.

More benefits
  • Unique booking numeration;
  • Automatically update the position of containers on the map with coordinates;
  • Full shipment information displayed on map with geodata;
  • Impress your clients by providing them with complete information.