Digital Freight Alliance Success Story: Chinese Brothers Ltd

2020/09/17 Lilia Khovrak Lilia Khovrak

The Digital Freight Alliance (DFA) came into existence in early 2020, connecting freight forwarders around the world while providing the best online tools to enhance business activity. Shi Yongliang, Director of Business Development at Chinese Brothers LTD, a logistics firm, shares the benefits of being a part of the DFA.

Chinese Brothers Ltd. has been in existence since 2006. How has the DFA membership helped your operations? 

Joining the DFA has really given us a lot of insight into the industry. The membership has allowed us to acquire new partners and develop connections that have cemented our global expansion plans. The world of logistics has been waiting for an all-in-one digital solution that would speed up processes at every stage, and the DFA is a pioneer in that space.

What has been your overall experience with DFA’s tools (such as Logistics Explorer, Tracking System) on the website?

DFA has given us access to many cutting-edge technologies that help us manage workflow better. We have been using the SeaRates web-based tools for a while now. The ‘Load Calculator’ feature has effectively helped our customers save a lot of money when calculating cargo stuffing. 

Another application that has reduced the workload for our team members is the ‘Tracking System’. Before this, we used to track every shipment on individual shipping companies’ websites, which was time-consuming and inconvenient. 

The 24/7 customer support, even though not a technical feature, definitely deserves a mention. DFA's support team is always available to answer questions or simply guide us in the right direction.

How has the DFA helped you establish better connections with logistics stakeholders around the world?

As DFA members, we receive VIP service. The alliance has helped us establish contacts with fellow DFA members and expand our geographical horizons, helping us win new clients. We often work with other members and it feels great to build great working relationships this way.

How many requests and bookings do you receive from SeaRates?

It’s hard to put an exact number, but our requests and bookings have doubled. More importantly, DFA saves us from cold calling potential clients. We are able to attract warm traffic, meaning companies that are actually interested in the services we offer. Due to our high delivery rate, we receive an increased volume of requests from the Marketplace Platform, which has helped our firm to participate in large tenders.

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It’s safe to conclude your experience with DFA has been positive, do you see scope for improvement?

With the support of DP World, we expect our company to grow from strength to strength. Currently, everyone in the logistics industry is facing challenges due to COVID-19. However, support and guidance from the DFA and its members will make the difference going forward. 

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