SeaRates Updates - Week 49, 2023

8 dic 2023 Sophia Shkuro Sophia Shkuro

The SeaRates team is grateful for your feedback and strong support. We are always striving to improve our platform to provide the best service possible. We are happy to present you with our updates and believe that they will be useful for you.

To stay up to date with our latest updates, be sure to check out our previous updates.

What's new for week 49:

  • Tracking System updates: We have improved the way we work with providers, including Avana Global FZCO (BALAJI), CMA CGM, BLPL Singapore, ZIM, Atlantic Container Line (ACL), and Wan Hai.
  • Ship Schedules improvements: We are pleased to announce the addition of support for JAS Worldwide, X-PRESS, Namsung Shipping, Sinotrans Container Lines, KAMABARA KISEN, and Eukor by Points, as well as for VASI Shipping and Nirint Shipping by Vessel to the tool.
  • Load Calculator enhancements: We have improved the display and optimized the content of the downloaded PDF file with the calculation results.
  • Logistics Map improvements: We have improved the optimization of the tool map with related applications.
  • Other updates:
  • In the Virtual Office, you can now see bookings with the Reject status in the 'Archive' tab.


  • ‘Warehouse’ tab for Request a Quote form
  • Air Cargo Tracking tool
  • A new version of Distance & Time API
  • ‘Archive’ tab for Requests in the Virtual Office
  • AI Assistance integration with SeaRates IT tools

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