Un sistema di tracciamento per gestire tutte le spedizioni

Container Tracking system allows you to determine current position of containers on the World Map. The application calculates storage time in ports of transhipment. To find a container on the Map just enter the number and the shipping line.

Per i fornitori di servizi logistici

Our Multi-Tracking system isn’t just a convenient tool to satisfy curiosity – it’s a customer retention device. If container tracking is installed on your website, your customers will no longer visit your competitors' sites or shipping lines sites, which could be even worse for you. Container Tracking significantly increases customer return rate, which will affect your site traffic. Your company's website will adapt to the modern digital era and transform your organisation into a digital enterprise.

Monitoraggio del contenitore API

Puoi trasmettere tutti gli eventi sullo stato del contenitore al tuo sito Web utilizzando l'API che organizzerà e visualizzerà i dati per numero di contenitore o B / L. Questo significa maggiore visibilità per i tuoi clienti e meno chiamate o e-mail ai tuoi team di assistenza.

Sistema AIS

SeaRates Tracking transfers data from the Automatic Identification System (AIS), used on ships and vessel traffic services (VTS), to identify and locate objects through digital data exchange with other AIS stations nearby (ships, satellites, bases). AIS allows us to determine the exact berthing time and significantly increases data accuracy obtained from shipping lines.

Monitoraggio dei contenitori