Features of Car Transportation by Car Carriers

22 set 2020 Artur Meyster Artur Meyster

The transportation of the machine is a very responsible process. The most popular are two types of car transportation: with the use of a car carrier or a tow truck. These options provide for moving cars on loading platforms. Their differences are that the tow truck allows you to transport only one car, while the car carrier can transport up to eight cars at the same time. This is especially convenient when you need to overtake a whole fleet of vehicles. Transportation by car will also help to reduce transportation costs, even if you transport one car. To do this, you need to view the JDM exporter list and choose a car, of course, if you want to buy it in Japan.

A car carrier is a special vehicle, the purpose of which is to deliver passenger cars, as well as other small-sized vehicles. It can accommodate eight sedans, up to six SUVs, or three minibusses. It is forbidden to transport heavy equipment, such as tractors, trucks. Sending a car over long distances in this way has the following advantages:

  • Maximum safety. When transporting a used or new car, damage to the paintwork is excluded, the car retains its presentation;
  • Fast delivery;
  • Affordable price, compared to other transportation methods;

How the car carrier works

The basis of the design of the car carrier is an impressive-sized truck, characterized by a high load capacity, as well as consisting of a trailer (single-tier or two-tier, open or closed type), a tractor. It is equipped in such a way that any car can be safely delivered to its destination. Factors affecting the safety of transportation:

  • The peculiarity of the vehicle design;
  • The competence of specialists responsible for logistics;
  • The professionalism of the driver, as well as workers involved in the loading and unloading process;
  • Equipment with modern navigation and notification systems.

The rolling stock for transportation should be characterized by dimensional requirements, namely, have a length of 20 meters, a width of 2.55 meters, and a height of 4 meters.

Basic requirements

You can send a car by car carrier through specialized companies. Each of them develops individual requirements for the preparation of the car before the "journey". The main list includes:

  • The car should be washed well, which is necessary for a quick inspection for scratches, dents, and other damage. Such an inspection should be carried out in the morning, it is recommended to take a photo of the car;
  • Use protective equipment for seats;
  • The tank must be filled up to 10 liters of fuel, the batteries are charged, the security system is turned off;
  • The adjustable backlight, if available, is set to the "for transportation" mode;
  • The antennas, mounts, etc. are removed from the roof. The side windows are folded;
  • There should be a jack, a spare wheel in the trunk, and you can also put an additional set of keys.

When the transportation is completed without fail, it is necessary to inspect the vehicle. This can also be done by trusted persons.

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