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At SeaRates, we allow you to check shipping schedules by routing, by port, by vessel, or by carrier. This service is accessible on our website, or can be integrated to your system via API or iFrame technology.

SeaRates offers the ultimate system, powering your business with actual sailing dates within major ocean carriers for container shipping and beyond.

We synchronise sailing schedules coming from the actual carriers’ data and allow you to plan container bookings or analyze vessel movements and transit time.

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International schedules

International sailing schedules detalization

You may know weekly cutoff information, which is updated every week. Select the routing and view port cutoffs in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa this week to explore cargo ship full travel information. Search between points on our global routes to find the schedule needed for your supply chain. Select the vessel name to trace the schedules by vessel. You can specifically view the sailing schedules for Non-Reefer Cargo or Reefer Cargo.




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Voyage finder

Vessel schedule and voyage finder

SeaRates is providing customers with tracking management solutions since the very beginning in 2005. Inmarsat-based tracking technology in combination with AIS and data from the shipping lines allows us to provide the most sophisticated and accurate solution of its kind integrated with the world’s largest shipping companies.

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  • Online schedule finder:
    Browse ship schedules online for free or get access to privileged features

  • API Data-on-Demand on ocean schedules:
    Effectively seek and process the data you need on vessel voyage details, when you need it

  • Web-integration for ship voyages search:
    Integrate schedule and vessel data interface to your website

  • Analytics & Reporting on international voyages:
    Data-driven insights to propel your shipping business


  • API Documentation for sea schedules:
    JSON format of the needed shipping schedules data

  • Bulk Data in Various Formats for sailing schedules:
    Direct downloads of schedule and vessel data in CSV or XLS.

  • Carrier List and voyage finder:
    Explore 140+ carriers (deep-sea, short-sea and feeders)

  • Data Consolidation on vessel voyage direction list:
    Import, process, validate, and export data in a way you prefer.

International shipping schedules API or web-integration

We collected data from all shipping lines in one tool and created a unique tool. All current shipping schedules are at your serve. Improve your business and integrate API ships schedule with any system you want.

Schedules API

If you seek vessel schedules online, cargo ship voyages details or data on the ocean schedules, or if you need this module to be integrated on your web-page on white- label basis – please get in touch with our team.