Searates Enterprise

Ultimate solution to manage your supply chain. A logistics one-stop-shop for international trading business.

Slash costs and streamline operations with unparalleled

real-time pricing and control - all in a convenient

cloud interface on
your Desktop and Mobile!
Add and manage
your contract rates

While working with different logistics providers, you always look to procure global freight with confidence. Having your contractual rates with global and local carriers, you can add them to the system and quickly create booking orders,
which our team will execute for you.

Trading suffers from slow, time & resource-heavy freight procurement. SeaRates software streamlines multi-carrier management and end-to-end settlements, allowing you to find the perfect carrier fit: balance price with capacity, service & quality.

Benefit from
instant spot prices

Fixed a contract for a year and the freight market went down? Extend your contractual rates capability with the best market spot rates. SeaRates is initially a spot booking platform, so you can get the most of our strength and unified procurement.

Compare real-time rates of door to door pricing across 1500+ global Carriers. Increase transparency, governance and cross-provider visibility.

Booking execution SLA

Along with unique IT tools for logistics, SeaRates is also a digital freight forwarder with our in-house logistics team, ready to fulfill your instructions.

After you add contractual rates and start placing the bookings in the portal, our team will take care of the rest.
We commit to study your business needs and
specifics, sign needed MOU and SOP, and then handle your every shipment with due attention and responsibility. Automate your processes and leave the concerns to professionals.

Streamline analysis and empower smarter decisions with our software's deeper visibility and insights. Free your team to focus on strategy, cost control, and building strong relationships.

Full shipment visibility

Gain peak visibility into your supply chain with SeaRates. Optimize decisions, ensure compliance, and build strong partnerships – all in one place.

Organize the shipments under your corporate accounts

and make the necessary data visible to your colleagues

immediately, 24/7.

Access to SeaRates
logistics tools

Тгасk shipments, manage rates, shipping requests, quotes, bookings
and documents, plan your shipping schedules, optimize stuffing in
containers or trucks and much more - all in one place! Everything
in your desktop and mobile experience.

We tackled complex transportation challenges for retailers,
distributors, fleet operators and many other industry-
specific.companies, absorbing the experience

and putting it into the tools.

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My vendors
Via our unique counterparties management functionality you can take full control over
the records on your
freight forwarders and other providers.
You can even interact
with them inside
the space and invite new contractors via
a unique link
to help them save your time
by working
in the same ecosystem.
Credit limits

and trade finance

SeaRates Enterprise customers have priority access to our financial benefits.

We consider BCO specifics to buy logistics separately per region, optimizing duties, taxes, inventory and other elements of trade, creating tenders and
other practices.

We know that optimizing even 1% of
WACC can make millions for you,

and this is a very clear quantifiable value.

Efficient booking management
Put logistics management on autopilot with SeaRates. Check and control everything at any moment of time from your desktop or mobile. Reduce your freight spend by at least 10% and your quoting and booking time by 30% and more. SeaRates empowers you with instant visibility across your existing logistics network, giving you complete control over your shipments.
Convenient analytics
With SeaRates, you get the industry’s leading technology in shipment
statistics collection and sourcing insights to help you respond quickly to changing environments. View your spend analytics and get all the needed
data and KPIs on your planned, ongoing and finished shipments.

your experience

Organize user management on your
portal as per your preference settings. Add services like insurance, customs
brokerage, trucking, warehousing on demand.

Our transportation procurement feature streamlines finding the best rates, space, equipment and capacity for your shipping needs, matching your routes and demands with carrier options across all modes of transport.

Make finding transport contracts easier and cheaper.
We help you find the best combination of contracts for your needs, even if things change. Get extra capacity when you need it, outside your existing
contracts. Contracts automatically work with your other planning and shipping systems.

Get 24/7 global support
Integrated chat system gives you efficient communication and messaging across
the platform, either inside your organization as per number of licenses, or with your counterparties.

Our global support is a team of professionals working in the industry for decades and knowing very well the specifics of business of exporters & importers, producers & manufacturers, brand owners and more. If you are not getting available contract rates or spot rates, our commitment is still to deliver you competitive rates in 2 hour
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corporate on-demand

cargo bookings
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Frequently Asked Questions
Does SeaRates Enterprise mean I book directly with carriers?
Since your direct contract rates are primarily used, the answer is yes, your bookings will be placed directly with Carriers, where you will be a booking party, and by the default - Shipper on the waybill. Based on your preferences, SeaRates can act as a booking party on your behalf.
How can I access direct carrier rates as a BCO?
Using SeaRates Enterprise solution as a BCO implies that you already have direct Carrier contract rates. If you don't - SeaRates will act on your behalf and will be able to get NAC (named account contract) rates for your company with the selected Carrier fixed on a specific term and commitment.
How long
does onboarding take?
It normally takes 1 week to set up all accounts and 1 week for system training. In case of more additional cases and specific scenarios it may take longer, but normally it doesn't exceed 1 month in total.