SeaRates Updates - Week 26, 2022

Jul 02, 2022 Lilia Khovrak Lilia Khovrak

Here at SeaRates, we would like to express our gratitude to our customers and partners for their consistent feedback. Our aim is to keep improving our tools and services while introducing new solutions, and today we are happy to share our latest updates.

If you missed our previous updates, please make sure to read it here.


What's new for week 26:


  • Onboarding of widget customization. Customers who use the web integration of our tools such as Ship Schedules, Container Tracking, and Logistics Explorer will now have access to a new functionality. Now you can display the widget in the preferred way on the homepage. Changes to the color, title, position, and shadows are all included in the subscription package for web integration. To modify the widget, navigate to your profile, click Apps in the sidebar, and then select Widget Customization. Then, customize the design of the widget you'd like to see on your website, and voilà! You now have a unique widget that you've made without the assistance of designers.
  • Tracking System improvements. This week, we have made improvements to the way we work with providers, including Samudera Shipping Line, COSCO, Maersk, Wan Hai, Korea Marine Transport (KMTC), ONE, Dongjin Shipping, SM Line Corporation (SML), CMA CGM, Yang Ming, Turkon, and Tarros.


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