April 2022 Development Release: Empowering Business Users

May 10, 2022 Lilia Khovrak Lilia Khovrak

We appreciate your interest in SeaRates! Each month, we release new features and improvements. Subscribing to our SeaRates Blog Feed will notify you when a new release becomes available. 

The following are the most recent changes you should be aware of.


Tracking System improvements


In April, we’re proud to say that we have added support for three more providers:

  • Transfar Shipping
  • Romocean
  • EIO
  • Dongjin Shipping

We now support a total of 129 carriers and 12 leasing companies, making our platform one of the few that can offer support for a wide variety of shipping lines.

You can find the updated list of shipping lines here.


Updated pages


Customs Clearance page

The Customs Clearance page is where you can find information on how to clear your goods through customs. We've just updated the page with a new layout and information. Check it out here.


HS and HTS Codes page

We've added the HS and HTS Codes page! This page contains all the codes involved in international trade and logistics. Get a better understanding of the different types of HS and HTS codes and their meanings. It's like a whole new world!


And that's all for SeaRates' second spring update this year. Stay tuned for more!


May 9, 2022

The SeaRates Team

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