Unique Delivery Technology

Jul 29, 2020 Nate Gregson Nate Gregson

There’s no part of daily life that can’t be improved by technological innovation. Food delivery has grown exponentially in the last few years, and it’s easily proven by the number of ways for customers to order and receive their favorite food products. 

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Why has the demand for home delivery via impressive technology grown? There are a few answers to that question. There are even more ways that businesses are striving to meet that demand in any way they can. Keep reading as we explore the latest in delivery service system technology.

Why unique delivery?

You may be wondering why there is such a need for various delivery options in the first place. It used to be that you would need to place a call to order from a nearby company. Even then, the majority of restaurants that delivered meals were only pizza or Chinese food places. 

The technology later expanded to allow you to place orders online with a simple form. Even that method of ordering has been left in the dust with apps for smartphones. Businesses have also moved far beyond the need for dedicated delivery drives. Let’s look at three reasons why there’s been so much growth in this area. 

Business Expansion

Simply put, it benefits food businesses to partner with delivery services. Even when the tables at the restaurant are filled, owners can still reap more profit by delivering meals to nearby customers. It’s also a great way to gain more exposure if you’re a small business. 

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Most delivery apps allow you to search by food type. This allows the tucked-away donut shop or undiscovered Thai-food gem to be seen by more potential customers.

Busy People

There are plenty of people who are simply too busy to pick up food or cook for themselves. Shopping, cooking, and drive time can severely impact those who are on a tight schedule. Even if you don’t have time to cook for yourself, that doesn’t mean you quit wanting to eat good food. 

It’s not uncommon for those who work late at the office to turn toward more convenient meal options. The groups of people who need a helping hand also include busy parents and those without vehicles.

Options During Quarantine

With most of the world experiencing some type of self-isolation, physical distancing, or quarantine, it’s more challenging than ever before to eat easy meals. Many people are also missing the joy of going out to eat at their favorite restaurants. Delivery has become a staple for many people who are staying at home. 

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Beyond just providing meals, the unique delivery options we discuss below offer another benefit. These are all contactless ways of placing and receiving orders. In a time where contagion is a major international concern, these methods keep everyone a little bit safer.

Ordering in Unique Ways

We couldn’t possibly list every single way for you to order food delivery without writing a novel. Instead, we’ll offer two options that are on the rise. Here are two interesting ways to place an order with your preferred delivery service or restaurant.

Smart TV Ordering

Have you ever been laying in bed when a sudden food craving strikes you? Samsung Smart TVs are often equipped with an app called FoodNFilm, which allows you to rent a movie and order a meal at the same time. Plenty of other companies and manufacturers are following suit to extend business at the press of a button.

Ordering with a Tweet

Dominos was the first restaurant to institute this unique method of ordering. People who created a pizza profile could include their Twitter handle and save a pizza order. All you need to do is hop on Twitter and tweet at Dominos with a pizza symbol to trigger an automatic order. Plenty of other companies are adopting a similar method to let you get in touch with them while you’re scrolling on social media.

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Delivering in New Ways

On the flip side, businesses and food delivery services are also finding unique ways to deliver meals to their customers. Sure, you can have a person pick up the food and drop it at your door, but what’s the fun in that? Below you’ll find two ways that tech is helping businesses reach even more hungry customers in record time.

Drones to Fly Your Way

These aren’t military-grade drones, of course. But they are controlled by remote pilots that are partnered with a delivery service or restaurant. They retrieve food from your selected takeaway place and keep it secure and stable during flight. Then it’s piloted with GPS references and an attached camera straight to your door. 

Robots at Your Door

An even smarter alternative to delivery drivers has emerged: robots equipped with artificial intelligence, or AI. Beyond the programmers that set them up in the first place, these food-delivering robots operate independently in urban areas of the UK. They pick up your food and then use maps and cameras to carefully navigate straight to your door. You simply have to enter a code and the bot with open to give you your food. 

What Will They Think of Next?

It’s clear that human ingenuity keeps marching on. These unique delivery methods help both consumers and businesses to grow and get what they need. Ways to order with your smartwatch or eyes are already cropping up, along with delivery by smart cars and parachutes. Keep an eye out in your town for the latest way to have hot meals brought straight to your door. 

This piece on delivery service options was written by Nate Gregson. Nate is renowned as an expert in technology, especially smart devices. He works on Papers Owl as an esteemed writer and tech blogger. In addition to helping students excel in tech-based classes, he has also been published in several technological journals. Nate is considered an expert in technology growth and implementation.