Tips For Shopping Online Safely During Covid-19 pandemic

Jun 24, 2020 Fawad Malik Fawad Malik

Online shopping is convenient as it allows you to shop around, find the best deals, and have your orders delivered to your doorstep even without leaving your office or home. In this time of global health emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping is a blessing that enables you to get the desired goods and products delivered to your home without visiting the market during the worldwide lockdown. More and more people around the glove are retorting to the Coronavirus pandemic by altering their shopping habits.

When it comes to shopping online for grocery and other days to day essentials, along with checking the balance of your account and making a shopping list, you also need to follow the following tips for shopping online safely during the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Surf the web safely

Make sure the operating system of your computer or mobile device is updated properly and protected with the best security app or software. An active firewall, spam filters, and antivirus are some of the best security tools that provide you with safe and secure web surfing. Also, check for the HTTPSinstead of HTTP in the URL of an online store or e-commerce site before submitting any sensitive and personal details. A site secure with HTTPS protocol also shows a small padlock in the URL bar.

Examine an online store for trust indicators

When we are buying from a physical outlet or store, we have the advantage of seeing the product or inventory. But when shopping online, we need to look for trust indicators for an online store or e-commerce website. A couple of years ago, the internet users were told to check a padlock in the URL bad to find out whether the site is secure or not. Nowadays web browsers have changed the way how people can look for authorized and secured sites. We can click on the padlock to view the site’s certificate information and other details. Moreover, reliable online sellers always show other trust indicators like security badges and customer testimonials on their homepage for the convenience of the buyers.

Check for Reviews

If you already know an eCommerce site or online store, buying goods from there is always safer than buying from another one. But if it is a new store, be sure to check its presence on different social media and review sites to check the credibility and customer recommendations. Along with conducting a background check, you should also check the store for customer reviews and recommendations on different sites. Friendspire is a social media and review application that provides you with trusted reviews posted from your friends. In this way, you can find out the best and trusted online stores to make purchases.

Be careful of unknown Stores and Sites

If you are about to make online purchases from a new store, you should be cautious. In this time of global crises, a lot of fraudulent stores are out there that can take your money away for nothing. That is the reason, be sure to check if the brand or company truly exists and delivers the quality products you want to buy. Never click on ads and promotional links if you have doubts about the sender.

Protect your data

Never ever share information and data than you required in order to execute an online transaction. For instance, a company will never ask you for your date of birth if it is selling grocery items and other days to day essentials. However, a wine store might need to confirm your age before sealing a deal. If you are asked by a store or site for sensitive information and data that you think are unnecessary for online shopping, skip that store and look for another trusted one. Make sure to check HTTPS in the URL of a store or site before submitting your private information like social security number or credit card number. 

Always choose hard to guess passwords for online shopping accounts and choose a different password for every site you have signed up. Never use your personal details like name, nickname, or date of birth as a password as these can be guessed by malicious persons easily.

Use a Safe and Secure Payment Method

When it comes to paying for an online order, don’t use your debit card or check as they don’t offer the security. always use a credit card or any other online payment method like PayPal to make payments for goods purchased online. Choose an online store or e-commerce site with multiple payment options so you can choose a convenient one to keep your money safe while buying things online. A credit card is the best payment method for online shopping as you can easily shut it down if stolen or compromised in any other way. Moreover, many credit cards also offer cashback and discounts that help you save money for this time of COVID-19 crises.

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