The Importance of International Delivery For Students

May 21, 2020 Michael Turner Michael Turner


The advent of digital technology influenced the growth of numerous industries, logistics, and transportation included. The ability to send and receive goods over long distances like from Australia to the United States or Europe is essential for business entities and private individuals, alike. The speed and security of each shipment is also a vital part of the overall service quality.

It’s fair to say that in today’s world international transport affects everyone’s life here on Earth in some way. How international delivery systems influence the lives of college students is a topic we are going to examine in our current article by portraying the benefits and opportunities that the global transportation industry holds for the younger generation. We’ll take a deep look into three major arguments that best show the importance of the international delivery industry for students.

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Job opportunity

College life is not easy to maintain, the tuition costs, the costs of living, and all accompanying expenditures often require a decently paid job. Students mainly take on flexible hours jobs because that allows them to maneuver through university schedules and private life obligations. There's a wide range of opportunities, Australian Edubirdie often hires students as part-time or full-time writers and researchers, fast food restaurants are also a student workforce hotspot, as well as various delivery and packaging services.

When it comes to the international delivery and transportation industry, the opportunities are vast, ranging from tracking and management software development to logistics dispatch service operators. Since worldwide distribution services require a serious commitment to customer service, the need for customer service agents with strong linguistic abilities and organizational skills is more than clear. According to recently conducted research, college students represent a significant portion of the dispatch and logistics workforce.

Students invested in computer science can hope for lucrative profit as the development of international delivery service progresses. Digital technology plays an essential role in the shipping industry with various tracking systems and route planning software, as well as numerous other AI and big data solutions. Therefore, when they leave college, software developers could put their minds on the creation of new digital tools to enhance the entire logistics service.

Impact on international students

As global education becomes more uniformed it allows students to move to different countries and study abroad. Internet technology allows us to share information and different types of content across long distances and we can receive a college essay from Edubirdie in Great Britain or Australian department without a problem, but what happens when we need important physical content delivered fast and securely. 

The international delivery of packages depends on multiple different influences. A shipment could be delayed by political turmoil in one country or during a global lockdown caused by a virus pandemic. The development of the international transport industry is strongly propelled by big data and AI technology which have allowed better route predictions. Businesses can now predict the weather, avoid dense traffic, take into account numerous other aspects that could influence the speed and the security of shipment. This is of extreme importance for international students when they send parcels abroad or receive packages from home or anywhere else. 

Facilitated online shopping

eCommerce industry growth is in great measure dependent on college student’s engagement. According to statistics, the online retail industry and the entire eCommerce industry demographic is mostly composed of university-age customers. Everyone, from online retail websites to school equipment and athletic gear have university and high school students in the center of their target audience.

Due to its global scale of operation, eCommerce relies on the international delivery and transport industry to support its market requirements. As shipping companies improve their offer and range, eCommerce business entities will be able to provide more affordable products to their respected customers.

The shipping costs are what most commonly drives the potential buyer away. Online sellers that reach out to the international market lose a lot of their revenue to those users who can’t order products due to unavailable supply service. Therefore, expansion of the international delivery network is of the essence and one of the leading elements in the provision of affordable goods online to college students as the driving force behind the global eCommerce revenue.


As the world grows smaller, we are used to conducting seamless purchases across different continents, we can buy and sell everywhere. If that global connectivity threat would ever break, we would all have to get used to even a smaller world with fewer resources and information than ever. We saw how the international delivery industry impacts college students; hope you enjoyed the article. 

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