SeaRates Updates - Week 8, 2021

There are some interesting features on the platform this week. We have also debugged and optimized some of the existing products and elements.

Thank you for helping us move forward with your feedback. It helps us make the products flawless and change the global approach to cargo transportation.

Please read the previous updates here.

Tracking System

Our users and customers have been waiting for the latest news about our tracking system and it’s finally here. This is also great for partners who are using the tracking on their website, which became available in a free update.

SeaRates tracking tool now supports 100 shipping lines and 12 leasing companies. This makes our platform one of the few that offers support for so many shipping lines.

This week, we’ve added support for ten more shipping lines:

Blue Water Lines (BWL)

● Vasco Maritime

● Kuehne + Nagel (KN)

● Blue Anchor America Line

● Orient Star

● Eukor

● Yusen Logistics

● Shipco Transport

● Blue World Line

● Maxicon Container Line (MCL)

You can visit the updated list of shipping lines here.

Check our Tracking System here

We’ve made improvements to the way we work with shipping lines such as COSCO, Hyundai, Yang Ming, Wan Hai, ONE.

This is good news for developers who are using the tracking API for third-party products, for their own ERP- and TMS-systems, as well as for the execution of other customers’ projects.

The performance of the new location module has been optimized and improved.

Adding Air Rates

We have added a new function and you can now easily upload your air rates in Excel format in just a few clicks.

Logistics Explorer

We have been working on improving our tool this week. The air routes have been improved for users who are looking for air rates.

We have improved the filter performance and fixed bugs that occurred when the location was being selected.

We have also added a button which can be used to open the rate page on a new tab.

The mobile version of the tool has been improved. We have adapted the tool for our users and now the rates are displayed in a normal form.

It was not always convenient to view the map on the phone due to the previous issue. It was hidden and the route could only be seen on the map by clicking the button.

Redesign our tools

We have changed the icons of our tools. Everything has been improved with complex gradients and blur effects.

We've made the gradients more complex by mixing different colours and using a blend.

We also started using more of the Colour Blur effect, mostly for the background. This gives the interface depth and dimension. As a rule, these are a type of "coloured spots".

But the design is based on flat style. Flat design, especially when combined with minimalism, is a powerful aesthetic tool. The flat design creates the feeling of an expensive and modern product.

In some cases it is used to attract the attention of young users. It is easily adaptable to any device.

You can view below how our icons have changed over time.

Ship Schedules

This week we have added support for the Turkon shipping line to our tool, along with the barge schedule.

A barge is a shoal-draft flat-bottomed boat, built mainly for river and canal transport of bulk goods. Originally barges were towed by draft horses on an adjacent towpath.

Updates Pending

Load Calculator

This week, we are developing a horizontal position in the container for rolls, pipes.

We are also working on improving the conversion of container and pallet sizes.

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