SeaRates Updates – Week 14, 2020

Apr 03, 2020 Lilia Khovrak Lilia Khovrak

If you missed – we recommend to look on updates for the previous period.


API Tracking System

We are ready to present you an updated version of the API Tracking System. We have changed the errors that affected your work and are ready to present an updated product.



What does the system track?

We can now track by the number of the bill of lading, container, and also bookings. The system supports more than 12 shipping lines.



We have increased tool performance by 20 times. Thanks to many optimizations, we are resistant to heavy loads.



We decided to create a new, universal database with the ability to implement updates. Currently in our database more than 120 thousand places.



Event Status

The consolidated information is normalized and represented in a unified data model. This allows you to compare the status, progress and performance of all your shipments, across all carriers.

The status information and event messages for your shipments are based on the following data model:


API Response

We have completely revised the response structure, remotely a huge amount of duplicate data, which makes it easier for the client to obtain this data and directly associate the client with the desired object.



In Future…

In the near future we plan to add more than 5 shipping lines else.

We plan web hooks, notifications to customers, auto-determination of shipping lines, customer control over the remainder of calls to the API.


Updates Pending

Load Calculator

We did everything we wrote about in the previous period.

Currently, we are developing vertical loading taking into account gravity.


Also, horizontal loading, excluding gravity, which is as dense as possible.

We also develop 3D visualization of barrels and rolls.



Ship Schedules

Updates pending and performance improvement of the tool in April. You can track all schedules faster. You will soon be able to track all schedules faster. All errors that affect the performance of the application will also be fixed.

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