How Small Businesses Can Reduce Their Shipping Costs

The cost of shipping their products is one of the largest expenses that small business owners have to manage. With shipping costs increasing every year and the range of eCommerce shipping expanding every month, it can be expensive for businesses to ship their products independently.

When you are trying to establish your brand, you want to provide the best experience for your customers. In many cases, vendors want to offer flat rates or no shipping costs as a draw for new consumers. This method isn’t always efficient or affordable for small businesses unless you have a working shipping strategy.

It’s important to know your needs and your products. Smart shipping can reduce your expenses and waste. For example, if you have to ship a tower from Aerial Wakeboarding you could easily end up paying too much. A large item like this may require more space, but with the lightweight aluminum construction, you won’t be maxed out on weight. Or, if you are selling books, your package size can be reduced but your weight will be increased. 

It’s good to know what your needs are before you jump into a permanent shipping strategy. Let’s take a look at a few tips that can help small businesses reduce their shipping costs and develop a system that works for their unique products.

Poly Mailers

If your products are smaller, non-fragile items like books or clothing, you may want to switch from boxes to poly mailers. These protective envelopes and bags are more efficient and affordable than boxes. They take up less room on a delivery truck, weigh less, and require fewer supplies like tape and bubble wrap to package.

Limit Shipping Zones

The further you ship outside of your own shipping zone, the higher price you will end up paying. Offer your customers that are local a discount and add a higher charge. Until your company is more established you may want to limit international shipping.

Postage Scale

The dimensions and weight of your packaging will determine the cost of shipping. If you have your own scale you can anticipate your costs before you fill out your invoice. Do what you can to reduce the dimensions of your packaging to reduce your costs.

Discounted Supplies

Buying bulk shipping supplies can save you a lot of money. If you are buying individual supplies on each visit to the post office your shipping costs can add up quickly. Large shipping services often provide small boxes and envelopes for free or minimal costs to small business owners. 

Third-Party Insurance

If your package requires shipping insurance, you can save money by going with third-party providers. Using the insurance from your carrier can carry higher rates bringing your overall costs up. 

Small business owners are invested in saving money to help make their venture a success. If you can provide a memorable customer service experience while using some of these money-saving tips, you are on your way to developing a winning shipping strategy for your business. 

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