Cheapening the Transactions in Logistics on the Basis of Online Platform

The notion

As you know, money alone does not make any sense - the meaning lies with the opportunities that it opens. In the transport business, this is very applicable: very much depends on payments and payment terms, and quite often bank restrictions and requirements bind business, increase the cost of transportation, and sometimes even lead to additional expenses such as demurrage and storage.

Creating our products, we always took care of the functional part first of all - the more problems the product solves, the more it is universal and popular. And since we have learned how to consolidate cargo flows around the world (both LCL and large lots of FCL) and coordinate the work of dozens of agents, it's time to learn how to consolidate the financial part and to relieve freight forwarders from another burden that hinders business growth and earnings.

About conversion

The new functional platform is an even closer cooperation between forwarders, which makes it possible not only to consolidate cargoes, but also vehicles, and to see the full picture of avaiable transport. With the release of the new version - Logistics Explorer 2.0 platform, we have changed the data transfer between forwarders (carriers and brokers). It's not just about calculating tariffs directly on the site, but also about the closed exchange of data on transport and cargo. For example, two freight forwarders will cooperate if they find associated cargo with each other on the similar route. Manual search would take a long time, but in our case this search will be carried out automatically.

The transfer of data on tariffs, consolidated cargoes and available transport will provide the multiplier effect, when there are additional benefits that can not be obtained singly. This will allow smaller freight forwarders to work much more efficiently, and to compare competitive advantages with global carriers and their ramified network.

Statistics show that with the help of the platform for calculating tariffs, the credibility of the freight forwarder is increasing. Shippers order transportation 30-40% more often. Already today, online sales are open on the sites: Maersk, ZIM, CMA-CGM, Hapag Lloyd and other global carriers. Their main goal is to increase the conversion. The notorious conversion is a scourge of many site owners. They try to do so to increase it by at least a tenth of a percent: they hire cool specialists in SEO optimization, work with social networks, spend a lot of time and money.

Here are four compelling reasons why the calculation of tariffs on your site is necessary:

  1. Increase the time to visit the site. Visualization of the route, a detailed list of expenses, perception of more information, a positive image is formed.
  2. Trust is growing. The more tariffs, the better. With their help, the client works on your website and does not address your competitors.
  3. Your workability leaves a favorable impression. If the client ordered a shipment, he will necessarily order it again.
  4. Customers get acquainted with tariffs when it is convenient for them. Cold calls are a thing of the past. This is the truth that is familiar to all freight forwarders. Deny is becoming vain.