5 Important tips for a quick and hassle-free shipping experience

I am sure you have experienced the excitement of finding something brilliant online. But, then what happens when the shipment that reaches you is either late or damaged or just outright expensive? Pretty certain that one of these situations might have happened to you. So, fret no more. We have got your back. Here, in this article, we have come up with 5 essential shipping tips that will be helpful for you to make the most of every single penny. So, let’s get started and take a look at these tips one by one.

First – Always, I repeat, always sign up for deals

Honestly, I know how signing up on a new website feels. There are tons of emails coming in almost every other day that keeps adding onto the unread folder in your mailbox. But, trust me when I say this, these mails can be very useful for people seeking discounts on the shipping fee. There are a bunch of sites that will offer you a free shipping deal over a minimum order or up to a minimum order.

So, these deals can come handy in situations like large electronics, furniture, appliances, carpets, or any other larger ticket appliance. Kiara, who offers online assignment help services, says that she has saved plenty of bucks because of these website subscriptions. Hence, for anyone looking for discounts on shipping, the first step to take is subscribing to that website.

Second – Opt for consolidation

Another incredible method to save on your shipping fee is by consolidating a bunch of items together into a single box. Following a report released by Stackry.com, consolidation of packages helps customers save about 80% on the international shipping fee as compared to shipping of the packages individually from the retailers. In most cases, the shipping cost is calculated based on the size of the box in which the item is shipped. And a lot of times, it has been seen that even a small brush comes in a huge package, for absolutely no reason. Linda, who offers online statistics homework help services, says that in the United States, sellers do not use dimensional weight for domestic shopping.

Consequently, it has been noted that in the packages that are shipped by US retailers, there is a lot of wasted space in the packages. So, in this case, the ideal solution would have been having a service that could repack your desired item in smaller packaging. As a result of this, you’ll get the actual weight of the item. This is an excellent method to save money on shipping.

Third - Get the Prime service

A lot of us already know that on Amazon, one of the best ways to get the most incredible deals is shopping on the Amazon Prime day. On this day, you can expect some amazing deals for 30 hours on Amazon. A lot of people refer to the Amazon Prime Day Sale as the Cyber Monday and Black Friday, combined into one. It takes place every July. However, to get access to these fantastic deals, you need an Amazon Prime account. One of the most excellent aspects related to the Amazon Prime Guide is Amazon’s Insider’s Guide.

As part of the guide, you can add products you like to your wish list, take a look at the deals, or become a member. This method is used by Amazon to get as many prime subscribers are possible. Every Amazon Prime member is supposed to pay $999 on an annual basis. However, before you start the service, you can avail a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime.

Fourth – Look for coupons

Natasha, who works with a platform where you can pay for writing papers, says that there are a vast number of coupon sites available, that it gets almost impossible to keep a track of all of them. However, at times, these coupon sites turn out to be very useful. At times, I have seen these websites giving you a coupon code for free shipping on either a particular item, or category, or until a particular date. For this, you can browse through websites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, Coupons.com, as well as a bunch of other websites that regularly post available discounts for different e-commerce shopping platforms.

Fifth - Opt for slower shipping

Anushka, who offers the best machine learning course online, says that though not all websites offer a slower shipping option, whenever it is available, she opts for it to get discounts. You too can do the same if there’s a provision available and you do not need the item sooner. It is always a more sensible decision to order for items well before you need them, and then opting for no-rush deliveries so that you can save well on these items. In this case, though the item would reach you a little late, it is definitely worth the saving. 

So, these are the top 5 ways to help you save out on the shipping fee. 

Albert David is a fulltime blogger at DigiToolsCoupons. He loves to write, read and share information on .Digital Marketing.