4 Things New Businesses Need to Know About International Shipping

Jan 13, 2022  Jessica Vainer Jessica Vainer

Expanding to international markets is a great way to grow your business rapidly. You get to tap into valuable opportunities and build partnerships with other organizations across the world.

Then again, there are challenges you will need to hurdle in order to start shipping products overseas. International shipping can be complicated for a business owner like yourself, but learning how to handle it properly will help you save time, maximize operational costs, and satisfy customers in other countries.

All you need to do is to learn the basics of international shipping and how you can establish your brand presence abroad.


There should be strong international demand for your products

Before you start shipping your products overseas, you will need to know if people from other places are browsing your shop. For this, you can track the number of visitors your online store gets each month and find out which countries (other than your own) have the highest visitor volume. You will know your brand is in-demand internationally if other nationalities are checking you out. From this, you can offer to ship your products to these countries.


Learning international and local laws is essential

Apart from knowing if there is a strong demand for your products, you will also do your research on international and local regulations that deal with international shipments. Pay attention to what you can and cannot ship. You will also need to know the amount you will be paying for customs fees and other costs. Knowing these factors will help you avoid legal problems and hefty fines.


Your success depends on your choice of carrier

There are numerous carrier options to consider if you plan on shipping your products abroad. These include DHL, FedEx, and UPS, among others. It's always best to diversify your shipping options so your international customers can choose one that has the best rates and lead times. Just make sure that you give them an estimate for shipping fees before they checkout. If you want to give customers an extra push, consider giving them free shipping vouchers. You can check out sites like DontPayFull.com for coupons that your customers will surely enjoy.


Take extra thought into packaging your goods

Depending on what your store is selling, you might want to make sure they are properly packaged before you ship them out. For this, make sure your packaging is sturdy enough to withstand the arduous journey. Apart from using custom packaging, you will also need materials like packing peanuts and bubble wrap to secure the goods. For perishable items like food, you will need to place them in plastic containers. To be extra safe, you can wrap them in a layer of aluminium foil and place them inside a corrugated box.

Are you starting a business that sells to international customers? It pays to be prepared by knowing these essentials to ship your products overseas.

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