Customs clearance

Transportation of bulk, break-bulk, project and heavy cargo, military equipment and other non-standard cargoes that are too big or too heavy for a container (NCL - Non Container Load). Vessel chartering and forwarding ship cargo lots.

The essence of customs clearance

In its logistics community, SeaRates has qualified customs brokers who have received appropriate training and have licenses and legal rights to carry out customs clearance on behalf of the customer.

The process of customs clearance is better to trust into the hands of qualified logistics providers - this will allow avoiding troubles with the customs authorities. In the case of commercial cargo - incorrect customs clearance threatens with substantial fines and even criminal liability.

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Stages of customs clearance

Forwarders at who operate worldwide, maintain close ties with leading certification entities that have a wide scope of accreditation, which allows them to carry out certification of any types of products and in the shortest possible time, thereby reducing costs during customs clearance of your cargo. You can obtain the following documents:

Customs Clearance

Registration of importer in the customs authority before the arrival of goods.

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Notification of the customs authority upon arrival and prior notification.


Making customs payments (taxes, VAT, duties).

Waiting for the decision of the customs authority regarding the release of the goods.

Customs Clearance

Submission of the customs declaration in electronic or paper form.

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