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17 באוג׳ 2018 Oleksiy Shatunov Oleksiy Shatunov

After the recent release of the Logistics Explorer 2.0 platform, in an effort to finally bring the logistics industry into the 3rd Millennium, SeaRates has partnered with swiss-based company BitNautic, one of the leading companies in the blockchain logistics international scene.


BitNautic’s proposal is to use the power and security of the blockchain technology to take digital freight booking to the next level, and their solution is powered by a dedicated cryptocurrency, the BitNautic Token or BTNT (which you can buy at

We strongly believe in BitNautic’s vision, and for this reason we have decided to make a 1 Million USD investment in the project. We will soon start working closely with BitNautic’s engineering Team, and proceed to develop and integrate powerful smart contracts into the SeaRates platform, allowing for faster and cheaper payments, with bank transaction fees as low as 6 USD. The BTNT will be used as a payment method for freight forwarding services on the SeaRates platform, enabling our customers to take advantage of all the capabilities of this new exciting technology.


But there’s more


Soon we will unveil a completely new way of doing business for all logistics companies. By partnering with swiss banks, we will introduce a backup system for forwarding operations, which will guarantee financial security and reliability to all industry players, with the possibility of getting micro-financing and credit lines directly from Swiss Banks, known for their stability and trustworthiness.


All in all, these are exciting times to be in the logistics industry. If you want to know more about BitNautic, make sure to visit their website, where you will also be able to buy BTNT and be one of the first SeaRates users to experience the power of the blockchain.

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