SOMMOS Connecta 2023: Valencia Conference Summary

SOMMOS Connecta 2023 was a one-day, but incredibly eventful conference organized by the CEEIs of the Valencian Community, funded by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness. It took place on November 21 in Valencia, Spain, and included three dedicated platforms dedicated to logistics, technology, and sustainability.

For SeaRates, it was a great opportunity to learn about the latest success stories of large companies and promising startups, as well as to share our expertise and find new contacts among the participants.

Conference Insights

The conference was held at the La Rambleta Cultural Center. It provided enough space for all events and had no problems accommodating everyone. Moreover, the beginning was scheduled for 16:00, which allowed all participants to arrive on time and without rushing.

Image source: La Rambleta

This event brought together important people from the industry, entrepreneurs, and innovators to display the most recent trends and solidify the group of companies dedicated to working together in the field of innovation.

Visitors had the opportunity to visit each of the three thematic sectors freely, upon prior registration:

  • Technologies: One of the central themes of SOMMOS Connecta 2023 was the exploration of cutting-edge technologies and their application in the food industry. Discussions centered on the impact of innovations and startups on local and European markets. Esteemed visitors, such as industry leaders Vicky Foods and Capsa Food, took part in conversations that highlighted the power of technology to reshape the food sector.

  • Logistics: The logistics sector took the focus, with enlightening discussions on the role of startups in revolutionizing traditional processes. Opentop, a prominent speaker, shared their strategy for discovering and integrating new startups and ideas in the ports and logistics sectors. This was a major change from the past, as delegates from global companies like Bosch shared their successes in collaborating with startup organizations. Such changes highlighted the current trend of collaboration in the industry, which is different from the past approach of keeping everything in-house.

  • Sustainability: Sustainability became a fundamental aspect of innovation at SOMMOS Connecta 2023. Attendees discussed and evaluated the skills needed to create a more sustainable future. SOMMOS Connecta 2023 revealed that for numerous corporations, innovation is not only optional but also necessary for progress.

Most importantly, SOMMOS Connecta 2023 welcomed the era of innovative thinking. The meeting showcased the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and the constant search for sustainable solutions. It recognized the companies that have innovation in their DNA and championed the collective effort to create a more connected and forward-thinking business landscape.

The photo shows Valeria Guliy, Logistics Account Manager, at the SOMMOS Connecta 2023 in Valencia in November 2023.

Additionally, Valeria shared her impressions of the conference on LinkedIn. Learn more about the SeaRates team's personal experience in the world of logistics and food industry innovation in
her most recent post.

Final Thoughts: Future Perspectives

In conclusion, SOMMOS Connecta 2023 was not just a conference; it was a true demonstration of the transformative power of collaborative innovation. As industries continue to evolve, events like this serve as catalysts for change, bringing together diverse perspectives and inspiring a new era of progressive thinking.

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