Shipping API: What Is It and Why Is It Profitable for Your Logistics Business

May 11, 2022 Yuliya Melnik Yuliya Melnik

The Value of Shipping API for Logistics

The supply chain domain demonstrates substantial progress, and we can’t overestimate the participation of modern digital solutions in it. By looking at recent insights, we may indicate that the global market for this industry is forecasted to approach $23,607.06 million within five years. 

The software architecture from scratch, as well as its integration into the company’s workflow, seems pretty complex and time-consuming. Therefore, there’s another way to streamline the business—shipping API integration. This post reveals the value of API in logistics, its vital pros and cons, and existing types. 

The Concept of Shipping API

The logistics API integration is a solution that ensures the conjunction and interactions of the software applications are performed automatically, with no manual participation. 

When it comes to shipping API meaning in logistics, we can conclude that software products for this domain are able to operate via such solutions. 

Shipping APIs Advantages

Shipment API tracking or the other types like freight shipping API or cargo API provide a range of significant benefits for the logistics domain. So let’s take a look at them more precisely.

  • Decreases rates. The logistics API for shipping ensures the opportunity for selection among the various companies that offer delivery services. Therefore, the client experience is enhanced due to the ability to choose.
  • Cut down abandonment. The checkout abandonment rate is another issue that is solved by the first benefit, as customers are able to apply the most suitable delivery conditions. 
  • Online monitoring. With API shipping tracking is highly convenient, as your audience is able to get to know where the parcel is right now and observe its real-time route. 
  • Destination precision. Incorrectly entered addresses for delivery may result in time and financial resource losses. Therefore the automated validation ensured by the freight API is an excellent way to avoid this problem.
  • Streamlined company operations. The automation, as well as the boost you receive by integrating shipping APIs, can considerably progress your workflow efficiency and the consequent client engagement.

API Shipping Logistics: Potent Functions 

The API for shipping can make the internal processes of the company easier and more productive, yet, you should be aware of what features to implement in order to maximize the output you’ll get with this solution. API integration is a way to receive necessary features more quickly, cost-efficiently, and effectively instead of building the separate freight management system from scratch.

Automated processing 

The API enables automatic order generation and processing. All the parties engaged in this process receive generated notifications about each stage of the order and are able to complete them much faster.

Forecasting the delivery day

When looking through the catalog of goods, clients are able to see the estimated delivery date according to their current location. Therefore, this feature engages the audience to place orders more often.

Parcel processing stages

Another function allowing to raise the client satisfaction rate substantially is the real-time updates regarding the parcel shipping process. This way, customers can observe the package status with the help of a shipping API app. Besides, when they are informed about each stage via the solution. This is valuable within the shipping API for the ecommerce domain as well.

Cancellation processing 

For ecommerce shipping API ensures another excellent opportunity- automated processing of order cancellations. Such situations are an integral part of each workflow, and to save the time lost due to such cases, this solution can bring more automation to return the item back to the storage despite the shipping stage. 

Changing the delivery details

There are cases when the information for shipping was added incorrectly due to the human factor or a wide range of other reasons, like changing the location, forgetting to enter a promo code, etc. With the API shipping logistics process is much easier and optimized in such cases, as the delivery vendor receives the edited data automatically at any phase of the entire process.

Bounce message 

A non-delivery report (NDR) comprises a row of stages- notification of a shipping insufficiency, info gathered from clients to provide felicitous services, and informing the new supplying regulations to suppliers. The shipment API implementation is a key point in this process, as the data transmission is completed automatically, and the entire process is boosted. Therefore, the possibility of missing valuable data is eliminated.

SeaRates for Your Business Enhancement

SeaRates is an innovative tool that allows you to search for delivery schedules based on a convenient filtering system that offers great shipping options for your business. You can set the place of dispatching and arrival and the required date to get the options for the individual case. The tech solutions like API or iFrame allow integrating our service into your existing system or website. 

Wrapping Up

Shipping API can be an integral tool for your business and a solution to numerous obstacles you face within the company operation. Nevertheless, proper integration of such a solution can be possible in cooperation with a software development company that possesses certified expertise in the logistics industry. Specialists will gather your requirements and consult you on the appropriate instrument according to your requirements and objectives. With such a competent tech partner, you can quickly and easily integrate the shipping API into your workflow and rapidly recoup your investment in this solution.

Yuliya Melnik is a technical writer at Cleveroad. It is a web and mobile app development company in Ukraine. She is passionate about innovative technologies that make the world a better place and loves creating content that evokes vivid emotions.